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Steve Humphriss, director of driver training company UKCDT

Steve Humphriss: casting light on the confusing world of insurance

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I DON’T know whether you’ve had a chance to read our advice story on car insurance: Classes of use for car insurance. It’s worth a few moments of your time, because you could have the wrong car insurance for your business car.

There are, unbelievably, five classes of car insurance and three different types of business car insurance depending on your requirements. The chance to quite innocently get the wrong cover – and the consequences of doing so – are not worth thinking about.

I found this out when talking to Steve Humphriss, the author of the piece – and it reinforced my view that the insurance business could do much to make its working more transparent.

I’d met Steve to talk more about his driver training business UKCDT – UK Company Driver Training in case you were wondering. Although Steve is now concentrating on the driver training business, he still retains an interest in an insurance broker firm, which was his background – hence the unexpected insight into the issues of business car insurance.

UKCDT provides a wide range of driver training services, from van and goods vehicle training, to online driver licence checks to ensure full health and safety compliance.

“Driver training has four key benefits for drivers,” Steve said, “which also benefit their employers. It saves fuel, saves wear and tear, saves on driver stress, and saves on the company’s carbon footprint.”

Saving on driver stress is actually one of the usually forgotten benefits of driver training – because it teaches a different mindset to both business and private travel. I’ve been through some driver training and it really is helpful in that respect – apart from the obvious one of saving fuel when the costs are so high.

While UKCDT is one of many companies providing driver training services to business car managers, it does have something unique: the sole distribution rights to an innovative rear car or van sticker called TailGuardian, which Fife police force has adopted already.

It’s a jumble of words until you are travelling too close to the car or van in front when suddenly the sticker’s words come into focus: ‘Pull Back’ it says. It’s a very clever and simple idea – with an important safety message. I wish insurance companies had such simple methods of communicating.

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