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YOU may have been dreaming of owning a luxury car, and while you may not be able to afford a
new vehicle yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to revamp the one you have to satisfy
your inner engine enthusiast.

You can always turn to different revamping and upgrading ideas that will transform your car into
something that looks sleek and professional. Whether it’s for your four-wheel drive, sport utility
vehicle (SUV,) sedan, or off-roader, here are some tips you can try to give your ride an ultimate

1. Take It to a Custom Builder

A custom-built vehicle speaks of your distinct character and taste as its owner. If you have the
money to spend, look for a professional custom builder that can help you achieve an ultimate
upgrade without having to buy a new car.

Having your ride customised won’t only give it a more polished and sleeker look, but more
importantly, it can also substantially improve its performance. For example, classic Land Rover
Defenders can be turned into a custom project model, be it two-door or four-door styles. You can
choose the engines and interior designs, and other customisable features that can give your car a
unique build and finish.

2. Get Professional Auto Detailing

Perhaps one of the easiest things you can do to maintain and transform your car is by taking it to
a professional auto detailer.
Some car owners think that car washing is similar to auto detailing, but that’s not entirely
accurate. Detailing services involve labour-intensive and more precise methods of cleaning and
polishing of both the interior and exterior parts of the car to make sure they’re scrubbed, cleaned,
and polished to perfection.

3. Upgrade Your Tyres

Sometimes, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to revamp your car like a pro. If you’ve
been doing necessary maintenance and detailing regularly, you could do away with simple yet
visible upgrades that can make an impact. An excellent example of this is changing the size of
the tyres of your car. Should you decide to do this, you might want to consult with your trusted
mechanic or car repair shop before making the switch.

You can consider getting rim protectors that will look appealing on your wheels. Aside from that,
the protectors are designed to shield your tyres from kerb scrapes or knocks, which means the
upgrade is more than just for cosmetic appeal. Keep in mind that the tyres are essentially the only
parts of the car that touch the road, which gives them a significant influence on the vehicle’s

4. Give It a Sporty Look By Setting It Lower

You can achieve a sporty look with your vehicle by doing some modifications, particularly
setting the car lower. This involves a few key elements, such as stretched tyres, larger wheels,
and a lowered suspension.

A low-riding vehicle can easily make heads turn, but it also means working with a professional
to make it happen. Talk to your car shop or mechanic, and ask about different alterations you
need to get to set your vehicle lower. Specifically, you need to discuss aspects such as tyre size,
camber, spacers, hydraulic cylinders, and wheel width.

5. Revamp Your Exhaust System

An exhaust upgrade is another example of car modification that can increase the aesthetic appeal
and performance of your ride. If you like to give your exhaust a bit of personality, you can have
it tuned by specialists to make it produce custom sounds, such as a loud banging sound, a cool
growling note, or a loud whistle.

Most car owners tend to overlook their exhaust system, which shouldn’t be the case. Getting an
upgrade can help you achieve a significant boost in power, as the exhaust can speed up the
airflow. Better torque may also help in reducing fuel consumption, since it will take less throttle
to maintain your driving speed.


Revamping your car is clearly a complicated undertaking. However, if you want to give your
vehicle the transformation and care that it deserves, you’ll know that the elbow grease and cost
are all well worth it. Ultimately, a car makeover may extend the life and performance of your
vehicle in more ways than one.

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