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Neville Briggs, managing director of CFC Solutions

Neville Briggs from CFC Solutions: suggests five point plan for tackling fuel prices

Editor’s Blog in conversation with Neville Briggs

RECEIVED a phone call from Neville Briggs this morning. Neville is the boss ofCFC Solutions, a fleet software provider, and has regularly contributed to Business Car Manager.

Neville said that he had read the special report on Tackling fuel prices, and agreed that fuel was not something that should be left to escalate out of control.

“Every day we talk to fleet managers who see fuel as a cost that cannot be controlled,” Neville explained. “Yet in our experience it is one of the fleet costs that responds best to tighter management.

“Whatever you do, petrol and diesel costs will continue to rise – but you can slow the rate of increase,” Neville added.

Neville provided this standard five point plan for business car managers to tackle fuel costs:

1) Win the fuel argument.

Within your business, you are likely to meet with scepticism about the idea that fuel use can be controlled