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The only thing you can guarantee about a puncture in these days when a spare wheel is an increasing rarity is that it will come at the wrong time, in the wrong place – and carry the substantial risk of a big bill.

Whether it’s on your car, van, trailer or even your wheelbarrow, it is going to delay you when time means money. Ignoring a flat tyre will wreck that tyre and probably the rim too, as well as attracting blue lights because it’s dangerous.

Add Seal are the specialists on top of the puncture problem and they can cater for literally any situation with preventive solutions for large vehicles in industries such as agriculture, construction, demolition and forestry as well as military applications.

ECO Sustainable Solutions is one of the UK’s leading organics recycling companies and has been using Add Seal as part of its fleet management practice. Typically, the company experienced over ten punctures per week. This cost £100 in repair costs and approximately an hour’s downtime per incident.

Since DTS included Add Seal as part of the ‘managed service’, ECO now suffers less than three punctures per week across all locations, saving between £36,000 and £57,000 a year in downtime.

For the small fleet of cars or vans, you might think you are covered with that aerosol but using the wrong tyre sealant in an emergency can render an otherwise repairable sound tyre irreparable.

Add Seal has the right solution for every vehicle, a special repair kit is produced which the RAC have gone on to licence comprising sealant and a compressor. The 12V compressor runs off a vehicle cigarette lighter or power socket and comes with a digital display that can be pre-set – in PSI, Bar or Kpi – for simple weekly tyre pressure checks.

Running with tyres under pressure, especially on a laden van, rapidly increases fuel consumption and tyre wear, as well as having a detrimental effect on braking and roadholding.

When the nail strikes, the problem becomes an emergency. Even if you have a spare, changing a wheel can be dangerous – as well as physically strenuous – in today’s traffic conditions, while waiting for rescue is going to incur further delay. And that’s if they have the right tyre.

And, all the while, time means money and stress.

Add Seal

Carrying the RAC kit in your car will give you peace of mind


How Add Seal works

  • Add Seal’s rapid solution is just that, a British-made water soluble solution of sealant with fibres, blockers and nano-fibres that flows with the wheel movement and bind together in punctures up to 6mm – and then it continues to constantly renew the seal.
  • Unlike latex-based sealants, the Add Seal solution can easily be washed off the tyre and wheel so that you don’t incur further clean-up costs when a permanent repair is made.
  • Any compressor can be used but the one in the RAC kit has a lifetime guarantee and is equipped with a three-way LED torch with red warning light that also emits an SOS Morse code flash for remote locations should any other disaster occur.
  • A replacement bottle of the RAC tyre sealant costs under £13.
  • The RAC kit can be used on all types of pneumatic vehicle tyres up to 19-inch diameter– and for the wheelbarrow, footballs and even rigid inflatable boats (RIBs).
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