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ALTHOUGH an environment-conscious person will choose public transport any day, there are times when you need/should make an exception.

It makes perfect sense to ditch public transport and hire a car when on holiday. This is the only time you’ll want to put your feet up, let your hair down, and enjoy some bit of freedom. Hiring a car is not only a sensible decision during your getaway, but could also see you save time and money in the process. Outlined below are some of the benefits that come with hiring a car for your holiday. 


  1. Experience thefreedom 

Car hire allows you to break free of pre-decided routes as it is with public transport. You can thus choose to change your route at the last minute or decide to make a stop at the supermarket. Such freedom is what you want especially if looking to make the most out of your holiday. 


  1. Saves money 

Although public transport might seem affordable in your town, it certainly isn’t when away on holiday. Many are the times when you’ll have to take a taxi to the shopping centers. In addition to this, public transport is mainly confined to urban areas. This means you’d have to stay in an expensive hotel within the predetermined routes. However, hiring a car enables you to roam wherever you wish and even spend nights in at cheaper hotels in the outskirts. Food is considerably cheaper away from the city centers, another reason you should go beyond the confines of the city. 


  1. Experience the ‘free’ country 

Most tourists using tour vans and buses only get to visit known attraction sites, and nothing more. However, car hire allows you to venture beyond and even visit remote villages and sites only known to locals and not tourists. It also means you can experience their food and culture there. Your holiday will be more exciting this way than if you were to travel as a group. 


  1. Experience some luxury 

Very few countries have a public transport system that can be termed luxurious. Choosing to use public transport in an unfamiliar city can be pretty daunting and tiring at times.  Cars, however, provide a better and more comfortable means of transportation. All you need is to haul your luggage at the back, and off you go – no waiting or hauling. 


  1. Lose unnecessary attention 

Understanding the public transport system of different cities and countries can be daunting for most first-timers. You not only have to ask for directions but also find where to find the correct bus. Any malicious person would spot you from afar. Hiring a car with the local license plates and fitted with a decent sat-nav, however, eliminates all the hustle. It makes it easier to blend in with the locals and find your way around. 


  1. It’s safer

Having a private car is considerably safer than using public transport in an unfamiliar neighborhood. You also don’t have to wait at the bus stop too. Just ensure that you have car hire excess insurance to cover any mishaps.


  1. It’s convenient

You don’t have to call a taxi or check bus schedules with car hire. Depending on the country you are visiting, trains and buses may be far between, which can be inconvenient when you have a flight to catch, among other factors. The only sane thing to do in such conditions is to hire a well-equipped car.


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