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THE way in which car thieves operate has changed in comparison to how they worked many years ago.

After all, cars have become safer as many come with alarms and immobilisers as standard but there are still many cars on the road that are lacking in the right security devices.

Whether it is an alarm an immobiliser or a tracker, adding the right level of security to your vehicle will ensure it remains safe and secure. 

These devices act as a deterrent which is particularly important at a time where cars cost a lot of money and so, it is important that we protect them as much as possible. Therefore, the following aftermarket car security devices are designed to provide peace of mind and keep your car safe.

Ghost Immobiliser

Car thieves do all they can to stay one-step ahead of the latest technology and there was a time where key-cloning, hacking and key theft were a real problem. However, a Ghost Immobiliser is a clever and intuitive device that completely disables your engine.

It works by creating a link with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and users can create a unique pin using the specific buttons in the car such as the steering wheel controls, buttons on the centre console and even on the door panels. This makes it possible to create a unique pin that has to be entered before the car can be driven. 

This is easy to install via a registered Autowatch installer, such as Ghost Installations, and safe while it is undetectable while carrying out diagnostics. It does not give off any radio signals which means it cannot be intercepted. 

Thatcham Approved Car Tracker

Thatcham Approved Trackers have undergone significant safety testing to ensure they are safe and highly effective. 

While car theft has significantly dropped in recent years, there are still cars being stolen either through using old-fashioned methods on older vehicles or by using sophisticated methods on modern cars.

However, a professionally fitted tracker will enable to track your vehicle and find it, ensuring it is returned to you. It can also help the police to identify the criminals and that can mean that they are taken off the streets. 

This system can be used on a smart device, giving you instant access when you need it.

Aftermarket Car Alarm

Car alarms were one of the first deterrents to be fitted on cars but having an alarm is a great way of adding additional security to your vehicle. However, modern car alarm systems are more sophisticated than they once were and so, they come with more features other than the audio deterrent.

They come with shock sensors and a panic mode that can help to prevent and protect carjacking. They also offer remote start and boot release as keyless entry. They can be controlled using your smartphone and they are encrypted to enhance security.

We spend a lot of money on our cars, so why leave them exposed to the risk of theft or damage? These three devices are all designed to prevent criminal activity and protect owners at the same time.