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Audi R8 LMS

Fancy a ride in this Audi R8 LMS? It's up for grabs at World Ducati Week


Now here’s a raffle worth winning!

The chance to experience the Misano circuit in the passenger seat of one of Audi’s R8 LMS racers.

Hmm, yes please.

If you win, you get to test out your powers of bravery next to a professional Audi driver – it’s all part of World Ducati Week, where Audi will be showcasing many of its cars as the event’s official car partner.

Well, you would wouldn’t you if you’d recently bought the company – Audi becomes a motorbike manufacturer.

World Ducati Week 2012 takes place from 21-24 June at the Misano race track in Italy. It’s the seventh such event – called this year The Planet of the Champions – in what is a hugely popular event.

It’s not only Audi that will there – Lamborghini (another Audi owned brand) will also be showing their stunning Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale and Aventador LP 700-4  sports cars.

It all sounds like a brilliant speed fest -whether you like two wheels or four. Or both

(It’s just a question of how you justify the business mileage to get to Italy!)


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