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Audi, A1, Sportback

An Audi A1 Sporback, like one of those available in Berlin on a flexible, pay-per-use billing system

GERMAN small businesses have been offered a company car solution that shares the fleet between SME companies and even employees on their free time.

The car pool service “Audi shared fleet” launched in Berlin promises to offer a free choice of models, flexible use and pay-per-use billing.

Should the shared fleet option prove successful, UK SMEs must hope that Audi will roll it out to other European markets.

“Factory Berlin”, the campus for start-ups and technology companies, has already chosen the innovative mobility solution and put its new fleet into operation together with Audi.

Audi shared fleet is a mobility service that is individually tailored to the customer

“Audi shared fleet is a mobility service that is individually tailored to the customer. With this concept we can offer companies the opportunity to optimise car pool utilisation and minimise vehicle downtime,” explained Bettina Bernhardt, head of Audi mobility.

Employees can also drive vehicles from the “Audi shared fleet” at attractive rates in their private time, such as in the evening and on weekends. Shared use is coordinated via an online booking portal. Each employee is given a personal membership card that gives them keyless access to the cars.

Audi handles refuelling, cleaning and servicing of the cars in the fleet to guarantee that ready-to-drive cars are available at all times. Along with the leasing option, the “pay‑per‑use” arrangement gives the company a flexible billing model in which only actual usage time is paid.

The car fleet can consist of any desired combination of vehicles from the Audi model and technology range. “Factory Berlin” chose an Audi A1 Sportback, an A3 Sportback e‑tron, an Audi A4 Avant and an Audi SQ5.

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