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ESSENTIAL compliance checks have taken a step forward with the launch of a new tool from Digital Innk.

The company’s ViSN platform uses advanced data management and self-service technology to enable complex checks to be undertaken in minutes.
The technology platform claims it is the first time drivers have a single app to manage driver compliance checks, book a service or tyres, manage a breakdown or undertake a vehicle health inspection.

The compliance tool offers fully automated driver license checks with the driver signing an eMandate in the app. It uses the latest DVLA facility to minimise false fails and fit to drive functionality asks drivers to confirm daily with a single click in the App.

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Angela Montacute, CEO of Digital INNK, said: “We set out to use the latest technology to make life easier for fleet managers and drivers. Our new compliance tools empower compliance managers to see at a glance where any issues lay and take action at the push of a button.“For drivers, life is simpler with a single app to manage their entire experience with the vehicle and know there is a single location to find important information.”

Compliance managers can track the fleet with exception management, where failed health checks can be converted to a repair booking with one click. At the same time, the experience for the driver is improved with vehicle health checks completed in the app.

ViSN provides a single platform to manage fleet operations for fleet companies of all sizes. Designed using the latest cloud technology, it provides a more efficient experience than is currently available in the market.

Digital Innk recently secured a seven-figure investment to support the roll-out of its ViSN platform that connects drivers, fleets and third-party suppliers.

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