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Still top of the tree for the BMW 3-series which has retained its Business Motoring title as the Best Company Car.

The BMW 3 series is the one everyone wants and it’s a premium model that falls within many budgets.

The 3-series has been going for 40-odd years now and it’s been creeping up in size – the latest model has gone over the 4.7-metre mark which is longer than the second generation 5-series.

But that’s the way of the automotive world, while everyone downsizes, the cars just get bigger.

The judges also like the fact that there’s a wide choice of engines and performance.

SMEs and user chooser will of course be more interested in the 190hp 320d which now weighs in at around £36,000 although you can expect to part with more once you start loading up the optional equipment.

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Business Motoring Awards 2021 Winners