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Winner of Business Motoring’s best personal lease award this year was Nationwide Vehicle Contracts which has created a new Business Leasing hub specifically designed for SMEs and their employees.

The new hub houses all the information businesses need to make an informed decision about their fleet, from helpful guides on the different types of agreements available and FAQs to the pros and cons of company car vs company car allowance schemes and general eligibility criteria.

Since launching the hub, Nationwide has seen a significant increase in the number of SMEs moving to personal lease agreements, with around 15% of its personal lease business in 2019 driven by employees with a company car allowance.

Research also revealed an increasing interest amongst SMEs and business owners for alternative fuelled vehicles.

Thanks to Government tax incentives, congestion charge exemptions and higher residual values resulting in lower monthly rentals, EV, PHEV and hybrid vehicles are now more attractive than ever before.

This research led to the launch of Nationwide’s new Electric and Hybrid offering last October.

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