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The V8 was developed with Audi – it really is very good indeed, and renders the V12 obsolete

What is it?

The replacement for Bentley’s GTC, namely, this sleeker, squatter soft-top Bentley, equipped with an all-new twin turbo, petrol V8.

How much? It’s priced from £152,900 and as tested would set you back £195,270.


What’s hot?

  • The engine is so good that it renders the twelve cylinder models obsolete, particularly given the 40% gain in MPG (a combined figure of 25.8mpg), but also because of the lovely noise it makes and its very powerful performance – 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. 
  • Bentley has achieved the Jekyll and Hyde factor. It pootles as happily as it roars.
  • The four-layer fabric roof offers remarkable refinement when it is up, and none of the odd looks and weight of metal folders.

And it’ll pootle along (on 4 cylinders incidentally) just as happily as it’ll roar around a track



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