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Ride is impeccable of course, but it also corners in a way that belies its weight


  • Adaptive cruise control, while not exclusive to Bentley, is a class act. It means that you can effectively use cruise in most conditions on British roads for the first time.
  • Bespoke options are endless and Bentley is one of few companies still to deliver quilted leather with contrast stitching, and hand-cut veneers. 
  • In-depth qualities such as the fantastic heating system (there’s an optional neck vent) really mean that you could take the roof down in all but the coldest conditions and be comfortable.
  • The sports exhaust is a worthy extra, despite its £1860 cost – if you didn’t like a V8 sound track you wouldn’t have bought a convertible with a V8.


What’s not? 

  • Weight penalties to compensate for the soft top pushes the kerb weight up to almost 2.5 tonnes, which seems wholly unnecessary for a two door GT.
  • Options are eye-wateringly expensive – as tested our model came with £42,370 of extras…
  • …of which the carbon ceramic brakes alone cost £10,405
  • …yet audibly chatter and scrabble like a troupe of arguing mice at urban speeds.

    The 21 inch wheels are rather lovely, but the they’re 6’3″ apart. Add the mirrors, and UK roads start to look a bit narrow

  • Wide, 6’3 track and vulnerable 21 inch wheels renders the Bentley a tricky parking proposition even with the excellent Park Distance Control and its cameras. As for 6’6 lane restrictors, well, do the math: you will need to be a supremely able driver to avoid scuffing the wheels.
  • The small boot of the fixed head GT is rendered still smaller because of the folding roof of the convertible, and at 260 litres is half what you get from a Rolls Royce Wraith, and a big disappointment for a so-called GT car – you’ll need the back seats for luggage, and that in turn will mean putting the roof up for security reasons every time you stop.
  • Combined MPG is optimistic. Expect to average about 20-22mpg in mixed use.





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