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Bentley Mulsanne Speed review

What is it?

The 2015 version of Bentley’s sportiest luxury range-topper, now with 25 per cent more power (530bhp) and a frankly unbelievable 1099 NM of torque, which is available from just 1,750rpm. Yet, despite the hikes in power and torque, Bentley has improved the emissions and economy by 13 per cent.

What’s hot?

  • That engine! The 6752cc V8 engine which breathes through twin-turbochargers, now boasts 530bhp and a colossal 1099 NM of torque. With all that torque available from under 2,000 rpm and despite its 2685kg weight, this Bentley Mulsanne feels quick from the start. Tickle that accelerator more and big numbers start to appear on that speedo very quickly! It sounds amazing too.
  • Regardless of all that weight, Bentley has worked on the steering and suspension of the 2015 model. As such, the steering is pleasingly precise, with body roll kept to a bare minimum. The Mulsanne is surprisingly easy to drive, but despite the dynamism – this Bentley can also do luxury saloon too.
  • The interior of the Mulsanne is better finished and more bespoke than most hotels! There can be few other car interiors that can make such an impact – every surface is covered with the softest bi-coloured leather. If not leather, there is the equally impressive metal fitting, such as the turned gearknob, which really is a work of art.
  • On top of the beautiful finish to the Mulsanne’s interior, whether in the front or back, you’ll not want for space in this Bentley. The back is the best place to appreciate that space though.


Bentley Mulsanne Speed

 What’s not?

  • Those big lights and the chiselled sides of the Mulsanne could be a deal breaker; we think the smaller Bentley Continental and the Mercedes S-Class are better-looking. Still there’s no doubting it’s imposing!
  • With the £252,000 price, 342g/km CO2 and a 37% tax charge, running this Bentley Mulsanne on the business is not going to be cheap.
  • The Speed might be the sportiest model, but it never feels particularly agile and you’re always aware of all that weight when changing direction quickly. The Mulsanne can feel quite cumbersome around town and when manoeuvring too.
  • You’d hope with all that performance that the carbon-ceramic brakes would be up to the job of stopping the Mulsanne. After a week spent with this Bentley we’re not sure. Sometimes, even at national speed limits, they felt like they were working very hard!
  • The build quality is beyond reproach, but the upside down instruments are sometimes hard to read and the infotainment system is quite complicated to operate.
  • The Mulsanne’s interior might be spacious, but we’d have thought that there would more than the 443 litre boot.
  • Yes it’s a Bentley and there really isn’t anything else like the Mulsanne Speed on sale, but over £250,000 is a lot to pay for a car! Luxurious or not.

 Verdict for the Bentley Mulsanne Speed

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed is frighteningly expensive to buy and run, but it’s also supercar fast and has an interior better finished than most hotels. There really is nothing else like it.

For the business user, the decider is whether the bespoke feel to the Bentley Mulsanne Speed is worth the 37%  company car tax band figure; then again the Mercedes S-Class in fastest 63AMG LWB Executive form is roughly £120,000 cheaper but it has the same BIK percentage figure!

Of course, business owners and successful entrepreneurs might feel it’s easier to sidestep the company car tax bit and run this example of Crewe’s craftsmanship privately.

Either way, it’s a superfast way to get from A to B in the most luxurious way.

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