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Honda’s Virtual Account Manager Programme has completely revolutionised the way it does fleet sales and is transforming the way SMEs do fleet procurement.

It aims to help answer fleets’ queries quickly and shape future policies through digital platforms. Since setting up the virtual account management programme in 2016, Honda has seen a 28% increase in customers and a 26% rise in the number of interactions with clients year-on-year. Furthermore, the number of customer contacts that Honda makes with customers every year has increased by 350%.

It has become a significantly more successful way of engaging with SMEs and is driving an agenda to help people in business focus on what they do well in their day job, as well as looking after their fleets.

An addition to its digital fleet services is the introduction of a unique interactive whole lifecycle costs (WLC) calculator. The tool enables Honda customers to calculate how much a vehicle will cost throughout its entire lifespan under their ownership.
This enables SMEs to quickly and easily compare Honda models to other manufacturers to predict real life savings.

The Honda dealer network is playing an increasingly significant role in fleet sales through the Honda Platinum Programme, which was set up to build closer relationships with small fleet customers and user-chooser through retailers.

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