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In a world increasingly dominated by SUVs, there is still a lot of love out there for a traditional saloon in the executive car market.

So what are the top 10 execs out there?

We’ll start with the winner of the Business Motoring executive car of the year, the BMW 5 Series.

The 520d is the most popular version of the 5 Series among the company car drivers thanks to its low CO2 emissions and correspondingly low BIK tax.

This model also comes with good equipment levels including sat-nav and leather upholstery to front and rear parking sensors and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Not bad on economy either, it’s possible to get well into the high 40s mpg on town and country driving while a long motorway cruise may see a return of 60mpg.

Then, in no particular order, there is the Volvo S90 with its strong focus on standard safety equipment. While this makes the car a popular choice for executives, kit can also boast a stylish and spacious interior while it’s a real smooth performer on the motorway cruise.

Not as sporty as the BMW, Audi or Jaguar, the Volvo is built more for comfort than speed.

Speaking of comfort rather than speed, the Mercedes E-Class also fits nicely into this category.

The cabin is just glorious and eases the pain of a long distance journey. Kt’s new 2-litre engine is also a delight and very refined.

Lots and lots of cabin space while even entry-level models benefit from a high levels of standard equipment.

Jaguar’s XF will appeal more to the enthusiast and is very much a driver’s car with its smart handling, effortless performance while it retains a nice, comfortable ride.

The Jaguar also has a generous amount of interior space although if you were being picky you might want a tad more leg room in the rear seats.

The Audi A6 has to be on the “must have a look” list for anyone looking for an executive car – good looking an packed with technology.

It features Audi’s latest dual-screen MMI digital architecture and the impressive Virtual Cockpit is as impressive as ever.

Audi have always done really good interiors and the A6 does not disappoint while there’s good performance to have from a range of petrol and diesel engines.

The Lexus ES has replaced the old rear-wheel-drive GS and is a much better proposition on the executive car market.

The four-door saloon has sold well in other markets around the world and now has the chance to do the same here.

As with all Lexus, it comes in hybrid form only and this makes it a good car about town as well as a comfortable motorway cruiser.

Slightly off-the-wall maybe is the Hyundai Genesis. Big cars from the Far East have tended to be a bit “American” in terms of their handling for European tastes.

The Genesis is loaded with equipment and is certainly a comfortable ride if a little pricey at more than £50,000,

Coming down in price The Skoda Superb has a lot going for it: size, interior space, comfort and value for money.

While it may have many of the attributes of more expensive rivals what puts a lot of people off is the badge. A shame in many ways as the Skoda has a refined and comfortable ride and lots and lots of space inside.

Then there’s the battle-worn volume execs. The Ford Mondeo Vignale is a brave attempt to take on the German premiums.

The aim of Vignale models is to move refinement and comfort up a level, which is why the company is marketing Vignale as more of a luxury sub-brand than a new trim level.

The cabin is nicely done with leather trimmed seats and soft-touch instrument panel. There’s a lot of nice touches that you’ll find in those BMWs and Mercedes, but at around half the price.

So, where there’s a Ford there must be a Vauxhall and it’s executive model comes in the form of the Insignia.

Again it comes with lots of interior space, originally launched in 2008, it was thoroughly refreshed in 2013 with upgraded interior, and improved chassis settings.

The result is a wider and lower look along with a more comfortable ride; improved interior and better infotainment and connectivity.

It also has the emissions, equipment levels and P11D prices to really appeal to fleet operators.

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