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Our Vauxhall Insignia on one of its regular business trips up and down the country

Vauxhall, Insignia, multifunction, steering wheelAS you live with a car you become so much more aware of the detail and thought that has been put into the car’s functionality.

You know, the day-to-day stuff that becomes so important in your everyday life.

The Insignia’s low CO2 emissions and exceptional fuel economy are key aspects of this Vauxhall, but the ability to support a company car driver on the road is also important.

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And here the Insignia excels.

The seats are supremely comfortable. I have never experienced backache or fatigue after a long journey.

And then there’s the steering wheel control centre – or multifunction steering wheel.

Buttons on the wheel allow you to take control of phone calls, music choice, check car running information (fuel consumption, tyre pressures, and so on) or sat nav guidance. Yup, it’s a multifunction wheel that really does its job exceptionally well.

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