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Martin Brown, Fleet Alliance

Fleet Alliance MD, Martin Brown

ECG Operations Health and Safety Manager, Tim Muir, said: “Thanks to the new e-fleet mobile app, our drivers can easily upload their mileages and condition of their vehicles every month while away from the office.”

Muir also commented on how the ability to record these details without needing a PC was a great benefit to drivers and the improved the efficiency of their fleet.

“We now have around 95% of our drivers recording their mileages in this way,” he said.

The new app is enormously flexible, with the ability to handle fleets from five cars to more than 5000.

Fleet Alliance MD, Martin Brown, said: “Our new e-fleet mobile web app provides company drivers with enhanced functionality to ensure their vehicles continue to operate effectively.

“They can access support services at the touch of a button, update mileage records remotely and confirm they are maintaining and servicing their vehicles as required.”

Keeping an accurate mileage log of all company car drivers is critical to ensure HMRC compliance and to ensure drivers don’t inadvertently end up having to pay tax on ‘free fuel’.

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