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STARTING Starting a business that involves fleet vehicles can be a great investment.

Once operated properly, this business can eventually grow and become a steady source of income. But for you to achieve business success, you have to surpass several challenges first — and one of these is to avoid fleet vehicles and assets from going missing.

Fleet vehicles and assets come in big sizes, but these, too, can go missing. Stolen vehicles are a common problem in different parts of the world, affecting individuals, businesses, and even government agencies.

Fleet vehicles and assets can go missing because these are stolen either during the operations of the vehicles or before these vehicles even reach the end-user.

Missing fleet vehicles and assets is common, but you can prevent this problem from happening by following these techniques:

Utilise technology

Checking where your vehicles and assets are can be a daunting and time-consuming task. This is especially true if your business currently has more than 20 vehicles. How can you possibly keep track of the whereabouts of all these vehicles during the day?

If your business is operating 24/7, how can you determine where these vehicles were when you were sleeping?

Because of the advent of technology, you won’t have to track your vehicles manually because there are now innovations that can make this task easier. For starters, you can purchase software for fleet management that provides the following:

  • Software for fleet management is often used with a physical tracker. Once installed, these trackers can instantly locate all of your remote assets, as well as detect and recover any stolen assets.


  • These trackers can also provide location-based geofence alerts, making it easy for you to determine when a vehicle leaves or enters a particular area. This feature will allow you to conveniently track the whereabouts of your vehicles 24/7.


  • This software can also make your life easier as it allows you to give the location data of all of your vehicles in one place. You just have to input the name and type of your vehicles to quickly view your entire asset inventory.

You can prevent your fleet vehicles from missing with proper asset tracking in place. This software can be expensive, but with the benefits it can provide, buying one will be worth it in the long run.

Be cautious when hiring drivers

The drivers you hire don’t only contribute to the efficiency of your business; the safety and security of your fleet vehicles and assets also depend on these individuals. The drivers you choose to hire work by using your assets, which means that they have the opportunity to steal and drive off your vehicles.

To ensure that your business doesn’t lose any fleet vehicles and assets, be cautious whenever you’re hiring drivers. Although experience is important, this shouldn’t be your only basis when choosing which driver to hire for your business. You should also look at their character and integrity.

To avoid any of your fleet vehicles and assets from missing, follow these tips when hiring drivers:

  • Let tenured drivers interview applicants: If you already have tenured drivers working for you, let them screen applicants with you. Since your drivers already experienced working with the business, they will know what skills are necessary for incoming drivers to have.


  • Check their employment history: Require all applicants to submit information about their employment history and contact numbers of their previous employers. An applicant’s employment history can give you reliable information on how the applicant operates and determine if their values match with your business.


  • Make sure they have clean records: Speeding tickets and charges from driving under the influence can be red flags for your business. Depending on the gravity of the driver’s violations, you can choose to completely cross them off from your shortlist or perform a background check to know more.


  • Consider their experience: The driver you’ll hire for your business should have the necessary experience to safely maneuver the vehicles. If your business involves huge trucks, look for applicants who graduated from a professional truck driving school and have years of experience in driving a truck. If your business operates by sending large and bulky packages across countries, make sure that the driver you hire has the necessary experience and knows how to stay alert during long drives.

 Make the right investment

Using fleet vehicles as your business can be very rewarding, but these assets will also require a lot of responsibilities from you. Your business can’t operate without these vehicles, which is why you should exert time and effort in safeguarding them.

Investing in the right strategies and equipment is a great foundation to ensure that you’ll be able to use your fleet vehicles and assets in the longest time possible.



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