Thinking of a plug-in hybrid? Read this first

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THINKING of getting a hybrid as your next company car? Then it’s best to fully understand just what a hybrid is. It almost always refers to a petrol-electric combination where the vehicle uses electricity stored in batteries and petrol. These usually charge their own batteries using the petrol engine. It may be that is all the petrol engine does – [...]

Looking for your next company car?

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There’s so much choice and there are plenty of things to take into consideration, each affecting a range of operational factors such as the company finances, brand image, employee welfare etc. So, break the process down into stages and see how the options line up against your criteria. Once you have your shortlist, points for and against should be considered [...]

What a company car programme could mean to you

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FOR SMEs, a company car scheme is a necessity, where a means of transport is vital for the employees to do their job. A company car scheme is run for varying reasons, but mostly because there are a number of employees who need to use a vehicle to carry out their business. However, many companies also offer a company car scheme [...]

Awards 2020 Winner: Best Company Car Programme – BMW UK

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Winner of this year’s Business Motoring Company Car Programme is BMW UK. Whether it is a sole trader looking for a car that works for their business or an SME with a fleet of fewer than 50 company cars, the BMW Business Partnership has been designed specifically for them. It has a dedicated website  -  providing the chance to learn [...]

Awards 2020 winner: Best Company Car – BMW 3 Series

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Still top of the tree for the BMW 3-series which has retained its Business Motoring title as the Best Company Car. The BMW 3 series is the one everyone wants and it’s a premium model that falls within many budgets. The 3-series has been going for 40-odd years now and it’s been creeping up in size – the latest model has [...]

Awards 2020 Winner: Best Plug-In Hybrid – BMW 330e

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If you’re looking to cut your tax and reduce your benefit in kind payments then hybrid is one way to go. You can also go for performance along with green credentials which is what appealed to the judges in voting for the BMW 330e. It features what BMW calls XtraBoost that bumps the combined power output up to 289bhp for [...]

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