Saturday, September 19, 2020

Jeep Reviews

All the latest Jeep company car reviews are here.


Fiat Chrysler vows to put Jeep back on top

 JEEP has always been one of the strongest motor industry brands around. Now the 4x4 specialist will spearhead the international expansion of the enormous Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), which makes cars...

Jeep Grand Cherokee car review – big, comfortable beastie

The Grand Cherokee is an impressive SUV, weighing in at 2500kg and with masses of presence on the road. Uber comfortable, and with much improved economy.

Chrysler’s re-incarnation gathers momentum

Chrysler's back with a vengeance, and keen to attract UK business buyers.
The big US brand has come a long way since it's rescue by Fiat. Lancia inspired fuel-efficient cars have sold well in the US, and now Chrysler is stepping up to the mark in the UK.

Story: John Griffiths

Jeep Patriot: Jeep for beginners

Jeep Patriot Jeep Patriot CRD Sport What is it?Instantly recognisable as a Jeep, the Patriot is an entry-level model to the Jeep brand but with family hatch pricing. Standard...