Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hidden employer benefits of salary sacrifice cars revealed

AS most of the UK’s population has now put the Christmas and New Year festivities well behind them, Fleet Evolution has revealed insight into hidden employer benefits of salary sacrifice cars. Fleet...

Please explain salary sacrifice to me

SALARY sacrifice. Doesn’t sound good does it? We all like to keep as much money in our pocket or monthly wage packet as possible. But it can work to your benefit when...
Employee with salary sacrifice car

Salary sacrifice and company cars

SALARY sacrifice is a formal agreement between employee and employer to sacrifice some salary for a new car. Salary sacrifice is sometimes used as an alternative to the provision of a company...

How salary sacrifice schemes can work for SMEs

SALARY sacrifice. This is a term that many SMEs know but that's as far as it goes. However, salary sacrifice could save both you  as an employer and your staff that take up...
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Salary sacrifice under threat from HMRC

THE salary sacrifice car perk is in the crosshairs of the government. Jane Ellison MP, financial secretary to the Treasury, has issued a salary sacrifice consultation to look at the future tax...