Saturday, September 19, 2020

Car clubs

Car clubs offer a new way to keep your small business workforce mobile with the provision of pay as you go cars. You join the car club who provide cars that can be accessed through a booking system and a key code. Car clubs are often now referred to as a way of car sharing.

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City Car Club appointed car sharing partner for Greenwich

CAR sharing in London's Royal Borough of Greenwich in London is changing.City Car Club has been appointed as the  car sharing partner to improve local people’s access to sustainable transport.City Car Club,...

BMW launches DriveNow car club just months after Daimler dumps UK scheme

BMW is set to launch its own car club just months after Daimler abandoned its Car2Go scheme claiming the UK's private ownership culture is still too strong.According to The Financial Times...
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SME transport options expand with cash boost for car clubs

WINNING car club schemes taking a share of a £500,000 government handout have been announced for Derby, Nottingham, Norfolk and West Yorkshire, making them ever more attractive for local SME business...
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Scotland best for electric car clubs

SCOTLAND is leading the way in providing convenient and affordable access to electric vehicles through pay-as-you-drive electric car clubs.Funding from Transport Scotland has facilitated the introduction of an additional 58 new...
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Audi ‘shared fleet’ option for SMEs launched in Berlin

GERMAN small businesses have been offered a company car solution that shares the fleet between SME companies and even employees on their free time.The car pool service “Audi shared fleet” launched...
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Car club case study: OnlyRoses

Anian Schmitt, co-owner of OnlyRoses Cars: 1, a Smart Fortwo; hire vehicles as neededFinancing method: Lease and car club spot hireAnian Schmitt runs OnlyRoses with his wife, Sabine.As the OnlyRoses name suggests,...
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Car sharing needs a leg-up from government

IF you’re a small business using car rental or car sharing through a car club, you’ll understand the benefits the pay as you go motoring they bring to your business already.No...
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Zipcar expands car sharing service with Madrid launch

THE car sharing firm Zipcar is getting more European in flavour.The car sharing firm has launched in the Spanish capital using the Avancar brand. The expansion builds on the success of the existing...
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Loughborough latest to offer SME leaner, green transport options

THE promise of cheaper, greener business travel is on the table for SME fleet operators in Loughborugh with the roll-out of Smartgo to the town.Smartgo claims to offer businesses and their staff...
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Alphabet’s AlphaCity corporate car sharing scheme awarded

CONGRATULATIONS  to Alphabet who have won the ‘Car Scheme Provider of the Year’ award at the annual Workplace Savings & Benefits Awards.Alphabet, a specialist in business mobility including contract hire, won...
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Government funding announced for car clubs promotion

THE spread of car clubs beyond the limits of cities is being heralded as a ideal way to reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions and improve air quality.Car clubs, where drivers pay...

Corporate car sharing the Business Car Manager way

FOUND myself parking next to one of Alphabet’s AlphaCity cars last week during a visit to the company’s HQ in Hook, Hampshire, last week.Alphabet is a business car leasing and management...
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Hertz plans world’s biggest car sharing network

CAR rental giant Hertz is planning big for car sharing.Car sharing is typified in the UK by car clubs such as the Zipcar.However, with Hertz 24/7, Hertz plans to combine the...

Zipcar wants your (small) business

Car sharing is a hassle-free way for small businesses to get their hands on a car (or van) when they need it, even it's just for a couple of hour  CAR...
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car2go car sharing service expands in London

THE car-sharing service car2go, owned by Daimler and Europcar, is expanding its area of operations in London.The car2go service was originally launched in London's Islington and Sutton boroughs.the new areas will...

Zipcar expands car sharing into City Airport

ZIPCAR, the car sharing club, is expanding its horizons with a landing slot at London's City Airport.And that’s just the start of Zipcar’s plans to spread its wings.Zipcar, which is owned...
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Zipcar adds business friendly cars to pay-as-you-drive range

FANCY driving the all-new VW Golf on business? Or how about a VW Up! Or the latest Vauxhall Corsa?Now you can try them out – without even committing to it being...

Could you save money using car sharing?

ZIPCAR, the UK’s largest pay-as-you-drive car network, has just launched its new Business Calculator.The Zipcar Business Calculator is a tool that enables SMEs to better understand their transport requirements by demonstrating...

Avis buys Zipcar car sharing club

Avis has bought the car-sharing business Zipcar for US$ 500 million. SME's should look at car-sharing as another route to flexible business car access.

Sixt offers SMEs the luxury touch

Story: RALPH MORTON How  would you feel turning up to a meeting in a luxury car? Or entering your local golf competition knowing you can turn up in a sports car?Dreams? Well,...