Friday, September 18, 2020
Volkswagen e Golf_static 1

Electric cars are app-driven, part 1 – VW e-Golf long term review 3

IF there’s one thing I’ve learnt about electric motoring with the VW e-Golf, it’s this.You need a smartphone.And a smartphone with enough memory to carry a plurality of apps.Particularly...
EV Car or Electric car at charging station

EVs may soon see longer leads

Electric vehicles are taking longer to arrive with customers as global demand for the technology grows faster than for conventional vehicles.
Kia e Niro driving picture

An electric car to beat range anxiety and BIK – Kia e-Niro review

 P11D Value: £32,995 BIK band 2018/19: 16% 5 door compact SUV 201bhp/395Nm, permanent magnet AC synchronous type 64 kWh Electric Motor Performance: 7.5secs/104mph Range/CO2: 289 miles/0g/kmWhat is it? The Kia e-Niro:...
Porsche charging in 3 minutes

Porsche demonstrates ultra high-power fast charging technology

PORSCHE has just demonstrated that charging an electric vehicle can be as quick as filling up with fuel.A 90kW Porsche electric vehicle was charged in under three minutes. The charge provided...
VW e Golf charging for Business Motoring Week

Only smart chargepoints to attract Government funding in the future

ELECTRIC vehicle chargepoints will only attract government funding if they are smart units, both at home and at work.Worth up to £500, the change in government support commences July 2019.Smart chargepoints,...
Volkswagen e Golf_2

Regenerating power on the go: VW e-Golf long term review 2

HOW far can you go? What's the range?These are typical and expected reactions when people ask what do you drive - and the answer is an electric Golf.And the answer is...
Mercedes EQC

Businesses should consider global warming in their company car policies

SMALL businesses and SME fleets should take greater consideration of the global warming consequences of their company car and business motoring policies.As evidence of global warming grows, companies need to change...
Volkswagen and Tesco chargepoint partnership 4

Public gives thumbs down to EVs

THERE might be lots of noise about electric cars - but that's all it is, says a new study into motoring preferences for new cars.November new car sales saw a near...
Fuel card playing cards Fleet Evolution

Play the right cards in fuel cost evaluation

AN SUV that's more economical on fuel than a hybrid Toyota Prius? Sounds wrong doesn't it. But that really is the case.The SUV in question is the Hyundai Kona - the...
Tesco Pod Point charger

Volkswagen partners with supermarket Tesco and Pod Point to deliver free to use EV...

THE most significant change in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is being rolled out: 2400 EV charging bays will become available across 600 Tesco stores within three years.Volkswagen, the world’s largest...
BMW 330e PHEV saloon

BMW reveals tax-busting 3-Series PHEV

IF you're thinking about your next company car, then you seriously have to consider this: the latest BMW 330e.It's a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model which gives it great company car taxation...
Toyota Mirai fuel cell detail

You can run your four bedroom house from a hydrogen car

STRANGE fact for the day: but you can run a four bedroom house from the electricity produced by a hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai or Honda Clarity.Strange but true.Arval's hydrogen expert...
BMW 330e phev at charge point

All Plug-in Car Grants for PHEV vehicles now taken up

BUSINESS motorists hoping to take advantage of the existing Plug-in Car Grant for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) will be disappointed.All transitioned PHEV grants that were put aside before the grant...
EV being charged

What does the future hold for EV charging?

THERE'S general consensus in the automotive industry that the future is electric. However, there’s not much agreement on what that future actually looks like. I thought it would be interesting to dig...
BMW i3 now features 120Ah battery

Battery upgrade gives BMW i3 120Ah 192 mile range

The latest battery upgrade gives the BMW i3 120Ah a range of 192 miles on WLTP test cycle - the new version also means the i3 REX model is dropped
BMW i3s 94Ah being charged from a BMW iBox homecharger

Government cuts Plug-In Car Grant – PHEVs no longer eligible

Government cuts Plug-In Car Grant by £1000 as it hopes to promote uptake of electric vehicles - but PHEVs no longer eligible
Jaguar I Pace with audible warning system

Jaguar I-Pace gets audible warning for at-risk pedestrians

Jaguar has developed an Audible Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) for the I-Pace, to warn vulnerable road users as the electric vehicle approaches
Volkswagen e Golf for silent motoring

Going electric: VW e-Golf long term review 1

What's it like to go electric? We've got a VW e-Golf to find out what the experience of driving EVs is really like. One thing - it's eerily silent
Audi e tron moving

New all-electric Audi e-tron SUV

The new Audi e-tron electric SUV was revealed by Audi last night in San Francisco. Here's what we know about the car that will start Audi's EV revolution
Workplace charging

Kier builds EV chargepoint infrastructure with Pod Point

Kier is building an EV chargepoint infrastructure with Pod Point for its company car drivers to assist them going electric in three year deal