Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Owning and operating an EV

Toyota Mirai fuel cell detail

You can run your four bedroom house from a hydrogen car

STRANGE fact for the day: but you can run a four bedroom house from the electricity produced by a hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai or Honda Clarity.Strange but true.Arval's hydrogen expert...
Nissan LEAF 2018_charging

Electric car business mileage rates

HMRC has finally released official business mileage rates for fully electric cars. This is known as the Advisory Electricity Rate or AER

The three most common questions asked about EVs

What are the three most common questions asked before customers go electric? Ben Fletcher, Renault’s EV expert, explains what they are
Alphabet to partner Chargemaster man charging Mercedes 768x449

Owning and operating an EV

What types of use best suit electric vehicles? The first wave of electric cars mostly have a far more limited range than petrol or diesel cars. This obviously makes them more suitable...