EV deliveries – the charging headache

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National vehicle movement and inspection firm, DMN Logistics said that trade plate logistics is a well-established sector within the automotive industry and has largely remained unchanged for decades. However, with shorter driving ranges on a charge than a traditional petrol or diesel car, longer ‘refuelling’ times, and heavier vehicles thanks to the battery weight, EVs pose many challenges.

EV company car schemes proving a recruitment factor

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Fleet management software company FleetCheck said that with more than one million job vacancies in the economy, providing the right company car offering is becoming an especially attractive benefit. Higher levels of taxation in recent years have seen petrol and diesel company cars become perceived as less of an advantage within an overall employment package but EVs have changed that perception completely in a very short space of time.

UK’s first e-bike lease scheme revealed

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Initially offered through a group of 20 employers with which Arval already has employee car leasing schemes in place, the sustainable mobility provider has adapted its personal contract hire scheme to enable e-Bikes to be leased too. It’s also available for Arval’s own employees, so that they can get first hand experience to share with customers. .

Two thirds of local authorities have no plans to install EV chargers

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 With government plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035, the lack of charging infrastructure could prove a significant setback. Only one third (33%) of local authorities could confirm they had an EVCP strategy in place. Nearly half said they did not currently operate any EVCPs. Nearly two thirds (60%) have no funds earmarked for EVCPs to be installed in future.

EV scare stories unhelpful during COP26

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In recent months, despite the growing uptake of EVs, some national media reports have suggested that they are more expensive than ICE equivalents, that there will be insufficient numbers of chargers to meet the growing demand and that there will be a shortfall in electricity generated to meet expected consumption levels.

PHEV sales could overtake diesel next year

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A total of 271,962 new battery electric (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) were registered between 2010 and 2019. However, as the UK hosts the COP26 environmental summit, SMMT now expects Britain to break its plug-in records, forecasting that businesses and consumers will take up around 287,000 of the latest zero-emission capable cars during 2021 alone – around one in six new cars. Based on current forecasts, BEV registrations are also expected to exceed those of diesel by the end of 2022.

New ë-Berlingo takes to the road

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Priced from £29,575 MRRP OTR (incl. Plug-in Car Grant), Citroën ë-Berlingo Electric features a 50kWh battery offering a range of up to 174 miles (WLTP), paired with a 100kW (136hp) electric motor. New ë-Berlingo Electric is fitted with a 7.4kW on-board charger as standard, with a full re-charge taking 7.5 hours.

Smooth Operator Vivaro-e Elite 3100 75kWh review

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It’s electric. The Vauxhall Vivaro-e is one of three new electric vans, along with the Citroen e-Dispatch and Peugeot e-Expert, which share the same running gear. All three share similar prices and specification and boast longer ranges and better prices than most rivals, notably from Germany.

How cold weather could affect EV range and charging performance

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The main performance metric that can be affected in the winter is your EV’s operating range. Electric vehicle batteries are made of lithium-ion, and those little ions find it harder to move around in the cold, thereby reducing your range in cold conditions. David Lewis, Electric Lead at Select Car Leasing, has provided tips on getting the best performance out of your EV as we approach the winter months.

Land Rover unveils its all-new Rangie

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For the first time the Rangie comes with seven seats and also available as a plug-in hybrid - a full EV is coming - to combat the onslaught of upmarket, large SUV rivals. And the luxury heavyweight comes with a heavyweight price, going on sale from £94,000The new Range Rover is on sale now, priced from £94,400.

Electric dream – BMW iX3

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Maybe a bit of a surprise is that the X3 in petrol, diesel and hybrid form, is BMW’s best-selling car. The electric version has been added to the existing hardware so outwardly little looks different from the rest of the range which was recently facelifted. What is different is the 282bp, 74kW electric motor which is not the biggest around but it does have a WLTP range of 285 mile

EDF begins ‘EV First’ company car campaign

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EV First is designed to highlight the advantages of choosing an EV over a PHEV, from both a driver benefit-in-kind (BIK) taxation and an environmental point of view. We have produced a range of material for drivers, making the benefits as clear as possible, including information about improved EV ranges and the growth of the charging network, including workplace facilities at EDF location

Octopus rolls out Jaama Key2 systems to support fleet growth plans

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OEV, which runs an ‘all electric’ leasing and salary sacrifice fleet in the UK, is using Key2 to run its back-office operation from enabling drivers to generate quotes through to interacting with remarketing suppliers for vehicle disposal, and to help realise its ambitious fleet growth aspirations and to ‘create something unique’ in the EV leasing space.

Fuel shortage exposes shift in EV usage

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Shortages of petrol and diesel at fuel stations have not solely been down to problems with supply, but part of an ongoing shift in patterns of usage. The number of petrol stations in the UK has fallen by nearly a quarter in the past years according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Venson helps fleet managers execute a switch to electric 

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One challenge can be convincing decision-makers and office managers to give the green light to installing charging points in the workplace. Fleet managers need to be sure they understand and can demonstrate the business benefit, such as reducing the tax burden, Class 1A National Insurance contributions and Car Fuel Benefit charges.

First public trial of wireless EV charging technology

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Trial of char.gy’s wireless induction pad, the first of its kind available to the general public in the UK, is a collaborative effort, between Buckinghamshire Council, Milton Keynes Council, London Borough of Redbridge, the University of Warwick, the Open University, IPT Technology, and additional support from hiyacar. With funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Innovate UK. 

Electrifying – Business Motoring’s new EV guide

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THINKING of electrifying your fleet? We can help with the launch of the Business Motoring Electric Vehicle Guide. Fleets and private buyers are increasingly interested in electric vehicles with sales rising every month, despite a slow new car market. The SMMT now estimates that BEVs will account for 9.5% of registrations by year end as fleets look towards battery electric [...]

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