EV charging payment specialists Mina partners with InstaVolt

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Offering a nationwide network at convenient locations such as Costa Coffee, McDonald’s and Booths Supermarkets, the network is expected to grow by a further 500 charge points in the next 12 months. The company also has plans to introduce higher powered chargers into its network later this year, capable of charging at speeds up to 160kW, reducing charging time for drivers and further enhancing the experience for those charging on the road.

2030 deadline is the number one fleet concern

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EV adoption is fast reaching a state of ‘business as usual’ in the vast majority of cases. It is van fleets that are going to find moving away from internal combustion engines (ICE) much more of a challenge, with issues ranging from vehicle availability to charging accessibility and more. Businesses operating light commercial vehicles are faced with balancing their desire to operate more sustainable fleets, against cost and operational efficiency.

Churchill Expert partners with char.gy for EV fleet insurance

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Char.gy is a community charging company that focuses on providing lamp post and bollard charge points that enable councils, businesses and parking providers to offer an easy to access EV charging amenity to their residents and drivers. It has pioneered EV charging in densely populated city centres such as London, where there is a lack of residential, driveway or garage parking.

Leasing an EV is almost 20% cheaper than PCP – Leasing.com

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According to 2022 pricing data across Leasing.com’s top 15 most popular BEVs, leasing was the cheapest and most cost-effective option on 87% (13) of those models. Across the list, the highest cost difference was 31%, with the average difference in cost being 18%. The highest saving came in at £9,108 for Audi’s all electric e-Tron, with the average saving across the board netting out at £2,313.58.

bp to invest £1 billion in UK EV charging infrastructure

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bp pulse, bp’s EV charging business, intends to make the investment over the next 10 years helping to meet the UK’s fast-growing demand for EV charging and support the country’s transition to low carbon transportation for both consumers and fleet vehicles. The company also expects this to support hundreds of new jobs in the UK.  

EV availability is changing fleet badge compositions

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Names such as Tesla, Kia, Hyundai, and even Polestar have not historically figured on company car bestseller charts but are making their way onto fleets in relatively large numbers. deserved, with the model just being in good supply but also representing some of the best core company car EVs currently available. It’s having a definite and in some cases, a rapid effect on the badge mix seen on some fleets.”

Making grey fleets low carbon is a major challenge

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It is also essential to ensure that infrastructure and reimbursement to support grey fleet EVs is being properly managed. That might mean helping grey fleet drivers who are keen on PHEV or EV adoption to install charging at home or, if they don’t have a driveway, to access charging elsewhere. It also means ensuring that reimbursement for charging is being carried out correctly, something that current AER rates don’t always cover.

The rush to electrify continues to gather pace

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One of the factors behind the acceleration is the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic which has brought reduced driver journeys across the board and, as a result, has reduced range anxiety from more drivers’ minds. Now, it has become widely accepted that electric cars can cope with average business journeys and commuting.

Fleet electrification plans undermined by supply issues

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Issue is significantly affecting electric cars but the situation for vans is even more acute and means that some businesses are even considering adding petrol and diesel vehicles back onto their choice lists. Many company car drivers are placing huge pressure on their employees to move them into EVs because of the current benefit in kind advantages but the supply to satisfy that demand is very frequently unavailable.

AA Smart Lease customers get electric deal on home charger

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AA Smart Lease is available to all drivers and, with more than half the cars available either electric or hybrid, provides a useful gateway for drivers to try an EV before they buy one. The product’s inclusive monthly cost covers servicing and maintenance, Vehicle Tax and VAT, on either a 24-month, 36-month or 48-month contract.

Van operators split over electrification

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Major fleets that are buying hundreds of eLCVs and blazing a trail, and there are those who are not enthusiastic but view the arrival of electric vans as something they just have to do. However, it is not difficult to find others who are determined to drag their heels and this has potential implications for fleet van operations. Especially among SMEs, it is not unusual to find vehicles that are 6-8 years old still in daily use.

PHEV sales could overtake diesel next year

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A total of 271,962 new battery electric (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) were registered between 2010 and 2019. However, as the UK hosts the COP26 environmental summit, SMMT now expects Britain to break its plug-in records, forecasting that businesses and consumers will take up around 287,000 of the latest zero-emission capable cars during 2021 alone – around one in six new cars. Based on current forecasts, BEV registrations are also expected to exceed those of diesel by the end of 2022.

How cold weather could affect EV range and charging performance

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The main performance metric that can be affected in the winter is your EV’s operating range. Electric vehicle batteries are made of lithium-ion, and those little ions find it harder to move around in the cold, thereby reducing your range in cold conditions. David Lewis, Electric Lead at Select Car Leasing, has provided tips on getting the best performance out of your EV as we approach the winter months.

Octopus rolls out Jaama Key2 systems to support fleet growth plans

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OEV, which runs an ‘all electric’ leasing and salary sacrifice fleet in the UK, is using Key2 to run its back-office operation from enabling drivers to generate quotes through to interacting with remarketing suppliers for vehicle disposal, and to help realise its ambitious fleet growth aspirations and to ‘create something unique’ in the EV leasing space.

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