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Is salary sacrifice a risk management blindspot?

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As the sal sac fleet expands quickly, you could lose control of it. Employees choosing sal sac might have come out of private cars, and so this is their first experience of a leased vehicle, and the particular demands of looking after that,” said Goldin. Risk management applies to salary sacrifice as much as to conventional company cars: employees that don’t look after their cars, cost a lot in repairs and servicing will result in the employer paying more for insurance and the provider upping maintenance package charges over time.

Parts availability and technician shortages improving in 2023

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r2c’s figures, based on more than 30,000 records across accident damage and unscheduled repairs, show that there has been a general improvement across the board when it comes to delays as a result of parts availability and shortage of labour – two issues that have plagued the SMR sector for the past few years.

BMW Group UK enhances Roadside Assistance fleet upgrade

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The new advanced vans replace an existing fleet of support cars and are better equipped to handle a wider range of roadside issues efficiently. The increased storage capabilities for spare parts, including emergency spare wheels, significantly increases the likelihood of completing repairs on the roadside. All vans have been equipped with the latest remote diagnosis systems, meaning that before arriving on location, technicians can where possible obtain the necessary spare parts to complete the repair.

Rightcharge unveils electric fuel card for fleets

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Fleet drivers will be able to tap a Rightcharge card and pay with company funds at 30 different public charging networks, including Osprey, Shell Recharge and Ionity, thereby unlocking access to more than 34,000 public chargers. Fleet Managers can also pay for their employees’ home charging so drivers are never out of pocket

Lightfoot eyes up £1m of rewards for 2024

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Using audible and visual nudge psychology, developed in association with the University of Bath, Lightfoot’s in-cab device keeps drivers in the sweet spot of their engine, guiding them toward their weekly target of becoming Elite Drivers, which unlocks access to a host of weekly prize draws. 

Fleets should consider training to counter EV tyre wear

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The data behind this is still relatively scarce and much of what we are hearing is anecdotal but it seems as through the range of wear you can expect from different driving styles is wider for EVs than you would see for petrol or diesel. The reasons for this are, it appears, the facts that EVs tend to be much heavier, model-for-model than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and often offer faster acceleration

Are you ready to ‘Go Electric’ with Greenarc?

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Greenarc Vehicles offers a unique fully managed company car scheme designed to alleviate the complexities of fleet management and support you and your drivers on the transition to electric vehicles. Whether you are a small business with a handful of vehicles, an SME seeking to establish and oversee a company car scheme, or a company interested in implementing an electric vehicle (EV) [...]

Fleets need to work with insurers on EVs

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Industry body says that evidence from its members indicates that some insurers have recently been increasing premiums for EVs, based on what appears to be incorrect and, in some instances, irrelevant information. The repair profile of Teslas is applicable only to Teslas, in the same way as any other manufacturer, and has very little relevance to commercial vehicles. Fleets and insurers need to be working together to create a situation where premiums can be calculated based on much better and directly applicable data.

Home working lengthens vehicle contracts

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The 2023 Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer surveyed businesses who have introduced or extended working-from-home since the start of the pandemic. It found that the move towards contract extensions is more pronounced among larger companies with more than 1,000 employees (38%) compared to the smallest with fewer than 10 (24%).

Herd Group reveals new mobility brand name

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The new brand move reflects the vehicle rental and fleet management specialist’s significant growth and development since the business was founded in 2014. An expert in the provision and management of Commercial Vehicles, Herd Group is a respected and leading brand, recognised as a leader in providing exceptional customer care.

Fleet use of independent garages rises by a quarter between year one and four

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New data from epyx shows that buying of service, maintenance and repair (SMR) shifts from 30% independent garage and 70% franchise dealer at 1-2 years old to 35%/65% at 2-3 years old, 40%/60% at 3-4 years old and 38%/62% at four years old and over. The information is taken from transactions during 2023 for epyx’s 1link Service Network platform, which is used by car, van and truck fleets totalling more than four million vehicles to manage and process SMR

Do you have a grey fleet policy?

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This is an area that requires a high degree of management attention and, in many cases, it is doubtful that a ‘simple’ policy will be adequate. However, many parts of the company car policy can be used directly or with some adaption to form a grey fleet policy. Along with certain controls relating to the use of a grey fleet vehicle such as setting maximum age and mileage of the vehicle, insurance cover requirements and more

AFP introduces mentoring service

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Mentoring options created by the AFP include the fleet operator open forum, a quarterly online relaxed discussion designed to enable members to talk about issues they are facing, and hear the views and experience of others; the AFP fleet operator WhatsApp, which allows individuals to post questions informally and ask for advice from other professionals; and finally, the member area of the organisation’s web site, where questions can be posted to ask the views and advice of others alongside a searchable database to check whether topics have already been covered.

Grey fleet drivers could be driving with invalid car insurance

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One in five grey fleet checks conducted by TTC fail, with nine in 10 of these failures due to lack of appropriate insurance cover for driving private vehicles for work purposes. With around 14 million people now choosing to use their privately owned vehicle for work instead of a company car, TTC’s data highlights that a significant number of these drivers and the businesses they work for, are neglecting their duty of care.

Fleet servicing lead times up 57% since start of pandemic

By |2023-10-11T15:52:29+01:00October 11th, 2023|Fleet management, News|

In January 2020, the average time between when a company car or van booking was created to when the vehicle went in for work was 8.11 days - but today stands at 12.76 days. This data is taken from epyx’s 1link Service Network platform, which is used by car, van and truck fleets totalling more than four million vehicles to manage and process SMR.

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