Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Changes to make to your business when it starts to grow

Without the correct knowledge, you might forget to seize the opportunity coming your way and miss out on improving your company. In this article, we are going to talk about changes to make to your business when it starts to grow.
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Get it repaired or replaced: Seven garage door troubles with their solutions

Your garage is your vehicle's safe place from vandalism and car thieves who are just around the streets' corners. A residence without a garage is an unsafe place for vehicle owners....
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Tips and tricks to reduce the costs of running a car

Remember, you don’t need to buy expensive or first-hand cars to get your money’s worth. Instead, do a little research to see if a second-hand vehicle is the one for you. Also, don’t buy for the brand.

Are there better ways to sell a car than part exchange?

Part exchanging an old car used to be the natural choice for many drivers – after all, you can offload your old motor – and get money off a shiny new...

Pop that trunk: How to deal with dents when you get into a car...

Fate is cruel sometimes. Even if you take all the necessary precautions when you drive, you will sometimes get into situations where you get into accidents. This is not a new...
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Best classic car model: The features of classic Morgan

MODERN cars are made from sturdy steel and aluminum. It's mind-blowing as you might think quirky Morgan still makes its recent models with a wood frame as their bodies.However, the wood...
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Essential Guide To Financing Your Motorhome Purchase

Traveling or living in an RV has gained positive feedback from people who personally experienced it. One reason is that RV travel gives them more freedom and convenience than the traditional...
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How can disposable seat covers help earn customers’ trust

Whether you clean a clogged radiator, restore a sputtering engine, or repair the faulty air conditioner, the after-service experience can be ruined by a grease stain or fingerprint mark on the seats.
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Can I ship a vehicle from the US to the UK?

Since there is a lot of shipping between the United States and the United Kingdom, finding the right shipping option that works for you will be an easy task. Most vehicle shipments are made via cargo ship, meaning you can choose RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) or container shipping.
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How your drivers can push down fleet insurance costs

You need your insurance policies to reflect your business specifically. Otherwise, using a generic policy or blanket cover might involve overpaying for insurance or leaving your motor trade business without the protection it really needs.

Buying your teen their first car? Money advice all parents should know

There comes a time when every teenager is keen to hit the open road with their very own set of wheels. It's exciting and a huge milestone for everyone, however, it's also incredibly expensive and daunting for parents.
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Five questions to ask yourself before starting a limo hire business

Running a limo hire firm promises to be a lot of fun, though – especially as there tends to be a steady stream of demand for limo hire services. Nonetheless, you should ask yourself various crucial questions
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Five ways CRM can help increase profits

With CRM you can alter customer information in accordance with your needs and keep up with the customers’ current information. 
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Vehicles in lockdown – the after effects

Having a vehicle sat idle for 2/3 months is actually not very good for it and some motorists are now finding that they are encountering a range of issues when they go to start up their vehicle.

How avoiding regular car maintenance causes long-term problems

Some drivers are tempted to forego routine maintenance to save themselves some cash.
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Why lockdown could be the perfect time to brush up on your driving knowledge

As the UK government is now starting to ease lockdown restrictions, it’s more than likely you’ll start to use your vehicle more often; but could this time away from the wheel have affected your driving knowledge?
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How to check your vehicle to avoid accidents

Checking your vehicle regularly involves monitoring and testing the car's functions to ensure safety on the road. Preventive maintenance is about taking care of your property and, more importantly, saving lives.
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Could Covid-19 be affecting your car insurance premium?

It’s well recognised that where you live is one of the biggest factors in insurance premium prices, but how much is Covid-19 having an impact?

Motorhome travel after Brexit

If you’re the owner of a motorhome, then you will find your ability to travel to the continent will be restricted. But exactly what changes can we expect to encounter going forward? Let’s take a look at the shape of things to come.
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What are the best global online fleet management solutions?

Explore the best fleet management systems that are available to use in plenty of spots around the world, and that can be accessed online – whether on a desktop computer or a teeny tiny smartphone – giving you ultimate visibility in the most convenient way possible.