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Allianz launches Lightfoot risk management deal to lift fleet safety and give drivers chance to avoid a rocket

By |2017-11-20T12:32:04+00:00October 26th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

FLEET insurer Allianz Commercial is offering Lightfoot's risk management tool to commercial vehicle insurance customers at a discount to improve fleet driver safety and efficiency. Lightfoot benefits: Decrease in the rate of accidents Reduced fuel costs Minimal data analysis required to deliver results Reduced fleet maintenance costs Duty of Care solution Vehicle tracking and telemetry as required Lightfoot’s small in-cab device can [...]

Clock change signals new dangers

By |2017-11-20T12:31:59+00:00October 20th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

IT'S that time of the year again when the clocks go back an hour to signal the end of British summertime, but this year it signals even more of a wake-up call with the spread of LED street lighting and reduced illumination levels. Does your work-related road risk policy deal with this clock change to manage the increased risks to your [...]

Driving eyesight regulations

By |2017-11-20T12:31:25+00:00September 8th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

THE news that hundreds of drivers have had their licences revoked for failing a roadside eye test should sound alarm bells with company car managers. Most would have been aware that new rules introduced two years ago mean police can seize a company car driver’s licence within minutes of them failing a roadside eyesight test. But the news that 609 [...]

Use of telematics is first step to fewer accidents and increased driver safety

By |2017-11-20T12:30:49+00:00July 16th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

NEW research released by LeasePlan UK, part of the world’s leading fleet management organisation, reveals that the use of in-vehicle telematics could significantly alter and improve driver behaviour. 38% of drivers stated that telematics would change their behaviour. Of this figure: 14% stated that they would drive more cautiously 7% stated that they would drive more slowly 17% said that [...]

Company car drivers clock up more motoring fines

By |2017-11-20T12:28:29+00:00February 17th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

BUSINESS car managers have been warned that their driving employees clocked up nearly £10M in motoring fines and penalties in 2014, up 16.5% on the previous year. According to the annual Company Driver Fines and Penalties survey from vehicle leasing experts Lex Autolease, company car drivers accrued £9.42M in fines and penalties compared to £8.08M during 2013. The data, which [...]

ADT sees record fleet sector growth in legal compliance, driver safety and duty of care

By |2017-11-20T12:28:14+00:00February 4th, 2015|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

The Applied Driving Techniques said road safety has never been more important APPLIED Driving Techniques (ADT) has reported a surge of companies teaming up with them in a bid to achieve higher standards of road safety, operational performance and Duty of Care. ADT has increased the number of driver workshops to 100, which is up from 30 in [...]

Saving SMEs money is a safe bet for Volvo

By |2017-11-20T12:27:04+00:00November 25th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Blind Spot Information System, one of  the safety features that is fitted to modern Volvo models What's included in the free Volvo CoPilot safery package Cover for up to 20 drivers Fleet policy Handbooks for 20 drivers Licence checks Online risk assesment SME fleet operators are being offered a unique safety package that Volvo claim will cut costs [...]

Are you letting text-addicts loose on the company’s cars?

By |2017-11-20T12:27:02+00:00November 20th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Are any of your company car drivers text-addicts? MOBILE phone behavioural research has revealed that business car managers may have to look out for text-addicts among their company car drivers. According to a study commissioned by US telecoms giant AT&T, people who text while driving display addiction-like behaviour that makes it difficult for them to stop, exposing them [...]

Employees more likely to speed in company cars

By |2017-11-20T12:27:00+00:00November 19th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

According to new research, just under half the Brits who drive for their job admit to speeding JUST under half (48%) of Brits who drive for their job, have admitted to speeding whilst at work, according to new research from Masternaut. Europe’s largest telematics provider, found that a quarter of those saying they’re more likely to speed in a vehicle [...]

Fleet cars in the South East more likely to be damaged

By |2017-11-20T12:27:00+00:00November 19th, 2014|Car news and reviews, Duty of care, Keep it legal, News|

Live and work in the South East - are you finding dealer fleet damage a problem? LIVE and work in the South East? Finding that your dealer fleet is getting damaged regularly? Well, according to insights by motor industry software specialist DCML, you're not alone, as in the period 2008-2013, a quarter of all claims for dealer fleets were [...]

Can a mandatory motorway driving test make company car drivers safer?

By |2017-11-20T12:26:35+00:00October 13th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Motorway driving: would it be better for SME small fleet safety if there was a mandatory motorway test? A RESOUNDING thumbs-up for mandatory motorway driving tests could boost driver safety for SME fleet operators. After motorway fatalities increased by 14% last year, a survey has revealed that 90% of motorists want a motorway driving test introduced for all [...]

Apple smartwatch rotten for company car managers

By |2017-11-20T12:26:20+00:00September 29th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Rules for users of smartwatches such as the apple iwatch, should be the same as those using a smartphone COMPANY car managers have been warned to take measures against employees using smartwatches such as Apple’s latest. Fleet management specialists Alphabet has joined road safety organisations including the Institute of Advanced Drivers in highlighting the risks of using smartwatches [...]

Fleet management solution for lone workers

By |2017-11-20T12:25:49+00:00August 13th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT), a provider of fleet compliance and risk management solutions,  is now offering a new scheme for lone workers DOES your business involve lone workers whose safety might be at risk while on your time? If you do, but have struggled to implement a satisfactory fleet management solution for lone workers in company cars, then [...]

Latest HSE paper highlights duty of care risks for small fleet operators

By |2017-11-20T12:25:45+00:00August 8th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

An updated version of  the Health and Safety Executive's publication, is likely to push an employers duty of care to company car drivers to the top of the agenda An employer’s duty of care to company car drivers – and staff using their own cars on business - has been pushed to the top of the agenda with [...]

New free Volvo Co-Pilot duty of care support programme

By |2017-11-20T12:25:38+00:00July 31st, 2014|Car news and reviews, Duty of care, Keep it legal, News|

The C0-Pilot programme has been launch as part of Volvo's mission that by the year 2020, nobody should be killed or injured in one of its cars What the Co-Pilot programme includes £495 of risk management consultancy and practical support for every business buying or leasing its first Volvo  A fleet policy drawn up by legal experts, licence checks, [...]

Wessex Fleet Solutions launches new app to help drivers maintain their business cars

By |2017-11-20T12:25:11+00:00May 26th, 2014|Car news and reviews, Duty of care, Keep it legal, News|

The new app from Wessex is an invaluable aid to both company car drivers and managers AS a hard-working SME company car driver, it is the job that you always leave 'til last and one that can take the longest – completing that monthly audit check on-line! Well not any more. Wessex Fleet Solutions, which specialises in providing [...]

Sleeping at the wheel is a killer: eight ways to fight the snooze

By |2017-11-20T12:24:03+00:00January 9th, 2014|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Men are worse than women, but a staggering percentage of drivers admit to 'nodding off' - in effect falling asleep - behind the wheel HAVE you ever ‘nodded off’ behind the wheel? Have you ever driven when you can’t stop your eyes from closing because of fatigue? driving long distances without rest breaks is unsafe driving behaviour You’re [...]

5 most common company car driver mistakes

By |2017-11-20T12:23:08+00:00September 3rd, 2013|Duty of care, Keep it legal|

Drivers' who lack the ability to control their emotions are accidents waiting to happen BASED on the fact that the perfect driver has never been born and the perfect drive has never taken place, it’s worthwhile pointing out the most common mistakes company car drivers make along with how to improve safety and stay legal.   Driver mistake [...]

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