Energy companies launch EV leasing scheme

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The scheme, called Electric Dreams, is the first to be offered by a co-operative in the UK. Businesses are able to lease an EV for their employees, who then sacrifice a portion of their salary for the vehicle, with no upfront costs. The deduction covers the monthly cost of a brand new electric car, as well as insurance, servicing, maintenance, repairs, MOT, tax, tyres and road assistance, over an agreed term and mileage.

10 ways to boost your credit score for car leasing 

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When a financing company considers a lease application, they look for indicators that you’re a reliable borrower, such as your income and credit score. The better your credit, the less risk you pose – improving your chances of being accepted. In some instances, you can lease with a bad credit score, but you will have limited options, and may not be eligible for certain deals.

Is flexible leasing the key to EV take-up?

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Flexibility to lease an electric car for as little as a month could convince drivers that this is the future of car ownership and access to vehicles, to suit rapidly changing lifestyles alongside both domestic and work scenarios. Sales of electric cars are predicted to continue to grow as the Government’s 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars approaches

How to get the best lease deal

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Many SMEs are often unsure whether it’ll be more tax efficient to lease the car personally, or through their limited company. Choosing the wrong option could prove costly in terms of someone paying more tax than they need.

Octopus launches new EV leasing company to unlock salary sacrifice

By |2021-07-21T11:29:11+01:00April 7th, 2021|Leasing, News|

Octopus has designed its scheme to be low effort and zero cost for a business to set up. From launch, Octopus experts are available to help employees choose their cars and get set up with charge points and EV energy tariffs; as well as support the business with scheme documents, approvals and payroll.

Benefits of car leasing vs buying

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The Range Rover Evoque lined up in Vehicle Savers Top 5 Best Value Lease Cars list THERE are many reasons that some companies still prefer to buy their cars, but car leasing is becoming ever-more popular and, according to recent reports from industry experts at Glass’s Guide, the demand for fixed term contracts is only set to increase. [...]

Concept Vehicle Leasing highlights leasing benefits at Hampshire Business Expo

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AWARD-winning leasing broker, Concept Vehicle Leasing, will be exhibiting at the Hampshire Business Expo. Concept said it would explain the benefits of car leasing to businesses at the Expo, which takes place at Farnborough International on February 26, 2019. New figures from the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association show that leasing continues to rise in the vehicle finance sector: [...]

The advantages of fleet leasing

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MANAGING your fleet of vehicles is an enormous responsibility. An expensive endeavour with many moving parts, there are many businesses out there with enough on their plates already. It is a tough time, and anyway things can be made easy is likely a good thing right now. Therefore, keeping things as simple and affordable as possible in managing the fleet [...]

New mobility provider to offer ultra-flexible leasing

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Business plans to use the latest technology to provide a digital-led service that will allow customers to order a vehicle in a matter of minutes. It is also creating a customer service centre in Milton Keynes to ensure all customers are supported with the ability to speak to a team member on the phone.

Parkinson takes up BVRLA Leasing Broker Committee vice-chairman role  

By |2021-07-21T11:29:12+01:00October 27th, 2020|Leasing, News|

Parkinson has been a BVRLA leasing broker committee member since 2015. The committee is comprised of member representatives from a cross-section of large and small organisations, including vehicle leasing brokers and funders with a remit is to improve industry standards, particularly around financial compliance.

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