A pool car is the provision of a car – or a van – by a company that is available for business use only by the firm’s employees. It is not the same as a company car.

Audi ‘shared fleet’ option for SMEs launched in Berlin

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An Audi A1 Sporback, like one of those available in Berlin on a flexible, pay-per-use billing system GERMAN small businesses have been offered a company car solution that shares the fleet between SME companies and even employees on their free time. The car pool service “Audi shared fleet” launched in Berlin promises to offer a free choice of [...]

How AlphaElectric helped a hospital go green and save money

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A Nissan Leaf proved to be the prefect fit for the West Middlesex University Hospital trust PROOF that selective use of electric vehicles (EVs) can save businesses money has come in the shape of AlphaElectric’s solution which cut one hospital’s staff transport bill by 40%. Employing more than 1,800 people, the West Middlesex University Hospital Trust’s mission was [...]

Join William Hague in the pool car club

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By Ralph Morton, editor
THE Foreign Secretary William Hague has lost the use of his ministerial car - and will now have to use public transport or a pool car to save tax payers' money. Should your business follow suit? And what is a pool car anyway? Editor Ralph Morton reports

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