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Optimizing operational efficiency in the automotive industry

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The automotive industry, a cornerstone of the UK's manufacturing sector, has always been under immense pressure to evolve, innovate, and meet market demands. Given the surge in consumer expectations, coupled with technological advancements, ensuring operational efficiency becomes paramount. One could argue that the backbone of this efficiency hinges on minute details that often go unnoticed, such as the precise weighing [...]

Unveiling the BMW iX3: A new era of electric luxury

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Introducing the BMW iX3: a groundbreaking leap into the future of luxury electric vehicles. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and impressive performance, the iX3 is set to revolutionize the world of sustainable mobility. As the first fully electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) from BMW, it combines the iconic elegance of the X3 with the eco-consciousness of electric power. Powered [...]

Renault unwraps new Espace

By |2023-03-28T14:07:50+01:00March 28th, 2023|Unpublished|

The Espace started a revolution, ushered in a vision of the future and has never stopped changing with the times. Now the All-new Espace has an SUV vibe and athletic and elegant design, and the Esprit Alpine trim adds a motorsports edge.

Great IDea – VW ID.4 Style Edition 77 kWh Pro 174 PS

By |2023-03-22T09:17:46+00:00March 22nd, 2023|Unpublished|

On the road there is plenty to like though. Smooth and prompt acceleration while around town there is a nice progression when shunting around in traffic. The 77kWh battery we tried will give you a 0-62mph time of around 8.5 seconds and while the published WLTP range is 322 miles, an overnight charge on our 7.5kW home charger realised around 100 miles less.

Fleet Evolution enters into strategic salsac partnership with ICR Leasing for EVs

By |2022-12-12T10:01:37+00:00December 12th, 2022|Unpublished|

ICR Leasing, which has a risk fleet of around 600 cars and vans, was formed from the sale of the Wayside dealer group in 2011 and as such is fully self-funded. It sees salary sacrifice as a new growth opportunity, partially because of the very attractive low rates of Benefit-in-Kind tax that electric cars currently attract, for its customers in the UK and globally, including new start-ups and companies that require specialised tailored contracts.

Connected vehicle tech will improve fleet tyre management as prices rise

By |2022-09-21T10:56:47+01:00September 21st, 2022|Unpublished|

As connected vehicle solutions become more widely used, they will enable widespread capture by fleets of high quality information covering metrics such as mileage, tyre pressure, atmospheric indicators and vehicle motion. This will mean that complex algorithms can be developed that can accurately measure key elements of tyre management including current tread depth, as well as predicting when specific tyres will need replacing.

TVS Group rebrands as TVS Interfleet and launches bespoke truck body service

By |2022-09-15T09:30:30+01:00September 15th, 2022|Unpublished|

Leading the charge on fleet electrification, TVS Group has collaborated with OEMs to develop lightweight e-tippers and e-mixers, such as the UK’s first electric mixer created in collaboration with Renault. As TVS Interfleet, the group will be better positioned to continue this market-leading work and prepare the commercial vehicle industry for the future. Through ​​fleet electrification, intelligent controls and lightweighting, TVS Interfleet will work to deliver greener, safer products.

Rapid growth for fleet service network

By |2022-08-08T10:18:37+01:00August 8th, 2022|Unpublished|

Fleet managers are freed up to focus on more strategic activities as drivers can locate the most convenient service provider in their area. AI is used to prioritise providers with the appropriate capabilities and cost profile. Technology enables drivers to serve their needs in real-time and improve compliance procedures by creating a digital record of all interactions.

Should you hire a vehicle on a business trip?

By |2022-07-28T09:26:24+01:00July 28th, 2022|Unpublished|

Business trips often vary in purpose, duration and budget. Some will be for sales or business development, while others will be more focused on managing and sustaining existing relationships with suppliers, clients and partners. Navigating unfamiliar territories can be a challenge, particularly when you’ve never been to a certain city, country or region before. In this article, we’ll explore some [...]

New regulations EV drivers need to know about

By |2022-06-23T19:35:21+01:00June 23rd, 2022|Unpublished|

With most EV charging likely to take place at home, the Government is taking steps to make sure the electrical grid can keep up with demand. The automotive experts at Leasing Options have uncovered three key points that EV drivers need to know about the new smart charging regulations. 

Salary sacrifice EVs can help staff tackle cost of living crisis

By |2022-06-14T11:43:22+01:00June 14th, 2022|Electric Vehicles, News, Salary sacrifice, Unpublished|

There is a misconception that salary sacrifice car schemes are for the more highly paid employees who are paying tax at 40%, but in reality, the ones they really benefit are ones at the lower end of the pay scale paying tax at 20%, as you cannot allow a salary sacrifice to take net pay below the minimum living wage

UK Fuels announces 100% carbon offsetting scheme for fleet operators

By |2022-04-11T10:14:24+01:00April 11th, 2022|Unpublished|

Company has partnered with UK-government endorsed carbon offsetting company Forest Carbon to invest in renewable energy projects. Businesses which take up the new service can reduce their carbon footprint and support their social and environmental responsibilities, while avoiding the risk of wasted investment in ineffective offsetting schemes.

Auto Trader acquires Vanarama owner in £200m deal

By |2022-03-23T08:20:32+00:00March 23rd, 2022|Unpublished|

Auto Trader sees opportunities in the new car leasing marketplace driven by the growth in electric vehicles, new manufacturers entering the UK market, employees opting out of company car schemes and new digital distribution models. Vanarama uses its own software to aggregate the market’s best leasing deals, presenting them in an easy to use, consumer-friendly online search.

Hayes is new Lexus UK chief

By |2021-12-15T10:44:10+00:00December 15th, 2021|Unpublished|

Hayes’s Toyota (GB) career began in 2003 with various field-based roles before he took up an overseas assignment as a marketing manager at Toyota Motor Sales USA in California. Returning to the UK in 2009, he led the Sales Planning and Vehicle Marketing teams before promotion to Marketing Director in 2013.

moDel delivers record results despite vehicle supply issues  

By |2021-12-01T10:43:24+00:00December 1st, 2021|Unpublished|

So far this year, over 675,000 vehicle movements have been made through moDel, up 75% year-on-year, at a time when a global shortage of semi-conductors has constrained automotive supply around the world. The record deliveries have been achieved through a combination of the original moDel solution, which integrates seamlessly with Ebbon-Dacs’ Leaselink e-procurement platform, and the moDel portal. 

Free2move reveals new signature: “Move with your time”

By |2021-11-09T09:49:54+00:00November 9th, 2021|Unpublished|

Giving a new dynamic to the brand, it clarifies the three customer universes by taking into account the changing mobility needs: the green is used to symbolise the growing importance of sustainable mobility and the transition to electric cars. It comes to enrich the already existing gradient representing both professional and private customers.

SELDOC Healthcare goes green with Fleet Alliance and Toyota

By |2021-07-21T11:27:25+01:00July 21st, 2021|Unpublished|

With many GP surgeries having to reduce face-to-face consultations during the pandemic, SELDOC Healthcare found that its home visiting services were becoming ever more important. In order to get doctors to see patients quickly and safely, the team needed greater mobility and very reliable vehicles.

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