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 ONLINE retailer Cazoo has launched a new subscription service providing consumers with a brand new car all-inclusive of insurance, maintenance, servicing and tax for a single monthly payment.

Subscription services have become increasingly popular over the past few years, from food to fashion and music to beauty. According to recent research from Cazoo, almost a third (30%) of UK consumers are interested in subscribing to a car rather than purchasing it outright or financing it.

A fifth (21%) of those surveyed by Cazoo now have more monthly subscriptions than before the pandemic started with 44% of respondents selecting subscription services for convenience, 25% stating that it saves them money and 19% highlighting that it helps with budget planning.

Car subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as they provide drivers with greater flexibility to switch cars more frequently as well being able to roll all their car-related payments into a single monthly payment and not having to worry about the boring bits like insurance and tax.

Cazoo now offers a range of new cars available for between 6 and 24 months, with ordering entirely online and delivery in as little as 72 hours. At the end of the contract period, the customer can return the car, switch it for another one or keep it on a rolling monthly contract.

Every Cazoo car subscription includes fully comprehensive insurance cover, servicing, maintenance, road tax and 24/7 roadside assistance and comes with a 1,000 miles monthly allowance and a 7-day money back guarantee. The subscriber just needs to add fuel or charge the battery.

Cazoo is pioneering the shift to online car buying and since being founded in 2018, has already sold over 25,000 cars to consumers across the UK who have embraced the selection, transparency and convenience of buying quality used and new cars entirely online.

Founder and Chief Executive Alex Chesterman said: “Subscriptions offer flexibility and convenience and it is clear from our research that a simple and comprehensive car subscription offering is long overdue.

“The launch of our subscription service allows us to now offer consumers both new and used cars and the flexibility to either purchase, finance or subscribe, all entirely online. This is another step forward in our mission to deliver the best and most comprehensive car buying experience to consumers across the UK.”


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