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Changing lanes at Business Car Manager with editorial shift

Andrew Charman collects the Editorial keys of the Business Car Manager Automotive Portfolio, and we wish Chris Wright a happy and long retirement.
Chris Wright bows out after over four decades writing and testing vehicles.


3 May 2024

CHANGE is coming to the Business Car Manager Automotive Portfolio as Group Editor Chris Wright retires from his role after nearly six years in post and Andrew Charman moves into the driver’s seat.

Taking over the Group Editor role on the Business Motoring, Business Vans, Motor Trade News and Leasing Broker Federation sites will be Andrew Charman. Andrew is a long-established journalist with more than 35 years experience in motoring – well-known to manufacturer press offices, he has edited titles across many sectors in the automotive market, and won a number of awards for his work, including for his business coverage.

andrew 1
Established automotive journalist take the driving seat

Andrew will be in the editorial chair from Monday 13th May and can be contacted on [email protected]

Chris said: “It’s been an interesting few years with the Business Car Manager titles as we have had to negotiate a number of changes, largely due to the Covid pandemic, and with the rise of EV sales and the introduction of electrification into car and van fleets. 

“However, after 54 years in journalism it’s time to wind down and hand over the keyboard.”

Nick Ratcliffe, Managing Director said “ Chris has been a great team member and his input and content have been invaluable. We wish him a happy and long retirement.”

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