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CLENERGY EV and Paua have collaborated to help drive forward access to public electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for fleet managers and their drivers.

EV drivers using the Paua app or card can recharge their vehicle at selected charge points powered by Clenergy EV software. With over 43,000 charge point connectors Paua is the UK’s largest roaming network. The collaboration with Clenergy EV will increase the network by a further 10 per cent, making over 4,000 new charge points available to Paua customers across the UK. This includes brands such as Dragon Charging, Nest and ev dot.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, in November alone just over three-quarters (77.4%) of the new BEVs (battery electric vehicles) on the road were fleet or business-owned.

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The partnership between Clenergy and Paua is a significant step to help ensure that fleet drivers have even more convenient options for accessing public EV charging on the move. Not only will this help fleet managers and their drivers to plan more efficient and cost-effective journeys, but it will also help to reduce potential EV charge and range anxiety.

Niall Riddell, Chief Executuve and Founder of Paua said: “We are dedicated to making EV charging both easy and efficient. This partnership with Clenergy EV is further proof of this commitment, enhancing our already extensive charging network to provide fleet managers and their EV drivers with greater choice for charging on the move.”

Will David, Chief Executive of Clenergy, added: “We are committed to helping our Charge Point Operators open their networks to as many users as possible.  We believe that our partnership with Paua is another milestone in ensuring a more convenient, seamless and equitable EV charging experience for fleet managers and their drivers. ”

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