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How to use our company car tax calculator

OUR company car tax calculator partner is Comcar.

The tax calculator has been designed to make it easy for you to find out the benefit in kind company car tax due on your next company car.

If you have a choice of company cars then you can compare cars side by side.  The company car tax calculator will help you find the lowest benefit in kind position on the company cars from your choice list.

Do I need to pay company car tax?

Most company car drivers have to pay company car tax – which is known as benefit in kind tax (or BIK). The majority of business users who have a company car also cover private mileage (such as commuting to work, lifestyle pursuits at the weekend and so on). HMRC considers this a benefit – hence the tax.

It’s worth noting that if your company car stays at work all the time, and there is no private use, then no company car tax is applicable. But this is rare.

So how do you use our company car tax calculator?

It’s simple:

  1. choose the make of car you want from the drop down menu (e.g. Audi)
  2. then the model (e.g. A3 hatchback)
  3. and finally the type of fuel (e.g. petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric).

The following screen provides the list of cars in your selected range, with automatic or manual options, plus the CO2 emissions on which the company car tax band is decided and the P11D price (also important in calculating how much company car tax you will pay).

Choose your model and then let the company car tax calculator do the rest! You can customise the company car tax calculator quotations by adding the extras you want so that you know exactly how much your next car will cost you in company car tax – which is shown as a yearly figure, depending on your marginal rate of tax.

We are now going to take you through to our company car tax calculator partner. The link will open up in a separate tab and will take you through to the Comcar company car tax calculator.

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