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LICENCE LINK has introduced a contactless driver licence checking service as Covid-19 restrictions tighten and businesses are urged to further implement precautionary measures.

The contactless service allows Fleet Managers/HR to safely check drivers’ records for penalties or disqualifications, removing the need to handle any paperwork.

Licence Link can also be used to check CPC and digital tachograph cards, all in line with DVLA standards.

Melvin Jeffers, Sales and Customer Relations Leader for Licence Link, said: “It’s easy, an electronic declaration can be sent straight to the driver to digitally sign and approve their licence check.

“There’s no need for a physical signature, avoiding any unnecessary interaction. Since GDPR was introduced, it’s vital to get approval to look up a licence with the DVLA and we wanted to make sure that Licence Link does all of the hard work for you.” 

On gaining approval, Licence Link returns the drivers’ record to the Fleet Manager in real-time, providing a fast, digital response. By switching to paperless permission, the entire process is faster so drivers can get out on the road with minimal disruption, whilst Fleet Managers/ HR can ensure drivers are compliant.



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