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AS the country becomes enveloped more deeply in a cost of living issues, EV salary sacrifice and fleet management specialist, Fleet Evolution, has announced a series of webinars to try and help tackle some of the key issues.

Free to view, the first webinar, Fighting the Cost of Living Crisis, reveals innovative ways to help businesses cut costs and reduce stress at a time when inflation is at a 40-year high and fuel prices have reached £2 a litre at the pumps for the first time in history.

The first webinar is available on July 13th at 10am, looking at the cost benefits of providing electric cars for staff through salary sacrifice, and considering innovative ways of cutting costs and reducing stress.

The webinar is then available on two subsequent dates:  26th July and 4th August.

Employers and employees who wish to view the webinars can log in here:

Fleet Evolution founder Andrew Leech said: “As the cost of living crisis gets ever deeper, there has never been a better time to consider switching staff into an electric car provided under a salary sacrifice scheme. For the lower paid especially, this move can save them literally thousands in motoring costs per annum.

“There is a misconception that salary sacrifice car schemes are for the more highly paid, 40% tax payers but, in reality, those that really benefit are at the lower end of the pay scale paying tax at 20%,” says Leech.

The webinar programme will involve two sessions for each instalment, each an hour long. The first hour is aimed directly at the employer and will focus on how an EV salary sacrifice scheme can be constructed to help ease the cost of living crisis for employers, while helping staff through the current crisis.

“For employers, from an ethical viewpoint, going down an EV salary sacrifice route shows them in a positive light by helping their employees manage living costs at a time of price rises across the board,” said Andrew Leech.

This will be followed, an hour later, by a session for the employee, focused on quantifying the savings in motoring costs though the selection of electric cars via a salary sacrifice scheme.

“Being able to have an electric car under a salary sacrifice scheme means employees can save substantial sums against the cost of running their own vehicle.

“As we have been able to demonstrate previously, when compared to the running costs of a conventional fossil-fuelled car, the savings from having an electric car under a salary sacrifice scheme can be in the region of £300-£400 a month,” added Andrew Leech.





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