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The Dacia Logan is a big, no-nonsense estate that’s basically a Romanian-built Renault. No doubt they’ll sell in huge numbers after Jan 1…

Dacia Logan MCV, Ambience 1.5 dCi 90  

What is it?

Not to be confused with the Logan saloon, which is already into its second generation but not coming to the UK, this is a spacious estate car, new to Dacia and the UK in 2013.

Although technically on sale in the UK since the summer, the first models are really only hitting the road now.

The selling point of the car is that it is a Renault in all but name, but very affordable.



Masses of space back here, and all for supermini money backed up with very real tax dodging credentials

What’s hot?

  • 1518 litres of boot, 573 with the seats up, for super-mini money…
  • …yet still offers CO2 emissions of 99 grams of CO2 per kilometre driven, so zero VED, and company car tax of 14%, at least until April
  • …and Renault-governed build-quality and testing regime
  • …and 4 Star NCAP safety with all the airbags, traction control and stability control you expect on a modern car
  • …and 74 mpg
  • CD player, Bluetooth, roof bars and remote central locking all standard equipment on the Ambience version
  • 15 inch wheels shod with 65 profile rubber soak up UK potholes
  • 10.82 metre turning circle is a stand-out feature for a car of this size, as is very low overall weight
  • Handsome looks; no frills aesthetic


What’s not

  • No air con unless you go up to the top level Laureate trim
  • Ditto no access to the 7 inch screen Media Nav on the Ambience
  • You have to purchase the optional 100,000 mile, 7 year warranty as an extra
  • Bouncy suspension crude by class standards
  • Unknown in UK market place, with untested residuals as a result


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