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Dacia Duster

CAP is predicting that new Dacia Duster will enjoy solid residuals

RENAULT’S budget brand Dacia has already been stirring up plenty of interest with its low pricing – now there’s reassuring news for company car buyers on the likely depreciation of the new models.

Residual values experts CAP reckon that Dacia’s Duster SUV will retain up to 34% of its value over three years and 60,000 miles. That’s 2 per cent less than rival models from Hyundai, Kia and Skoda, a good result for a car from such an unfamiliar brand.

CAP says a Duster will lose £8,450 over 3 years compared with the average loss in its class of £12,000

But the Duster’s main advantage is because it’s so much cheaper than the competition in the first place. That means that any given percentage loss of value translates into a far smaller loss in cash terms. CAP reckons a Dacia Duster Lauréate dCi 110 4×2 with a P11D value of £12,940 will lose £8,540 over three years and 60,000 miles, compared with the average loss in its class of getting on for £12,000.

Dacia UK Marketing Director, Phil York, said, “CAP’s view reaffirms our belief that [the Duster’s] got bucketloads of appeal for British buyers. After living with one, I doubt most owners will ever want to be parted from their trusty Duster. But, if they do have to sell it they won’t be hugely out of pocket.”

Renault says it has 1,700 orders for the Duster, and there’s already a five-month UK waiting list for the basic Access model.

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