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THE switch to electric company cars moves apace and sustainable mobility expert Arval, has launched guidance to help all drivers to cut through some common EV myths.

In the final quarter of last year, orders for electric company cars more than doubled for the leasing and mobility specialist, primarily driven by beneficial tax rates for EVs as company cars, and further supported by more businesses offering salary sacrifice schemes for employees.

However, for many drivers thinking about making the switch, misperceptions exist creating a barrier to adoption – despite the range of EVs, the technology and means of access continuing to improve. That’s where the new guidance aims to give drivers the facts and reassurance that they need.

Senior Arval UK consultant, David Watts, said: “Within the corporate world, we’re seeing a significant shift to electric vehicles – particularly with larger businesses and public sector clients – so much so, that it really does feel that we’ve reached a tipping point in the sector, and EVs are becoming normal.

“Yet for personal leasing customers, while there has still been a significant increase in orders and a desire to switch to zero emission mobility to help protect the environment, uptake is slower than it is with businesses. This new guidance will particularly help non-company car drivers to benefit from the guidance we offer to corporates, from the comfort of their armchair – so they can have confidence in leasing an EV for the first time.”

“Myths and a lack of understanding of new EV technology is a barrier that can be broken by education. Our new guidance will help drivers to easily access the key facts, from battery life to accessing public charging points, while also addressing a number of other common EV misconceptions.”

The new guidance for drivers is focused on four key topic areas which will be released in phases, with the first focussed on EV batteries and available here:

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