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FLEET management company, CBVC Vehicle Management, has launched a Driver App aimed at the stress out of fleet management.
Loaded onto a driver’s smartphone, it equips the driver with all the information they require to manage their vehicle, including emergency recovery number, accident management services, service and maintenance reservation contact, and more.
Mike Manners, Managing Director of CBVC Vehicle Management said: “We created this App as a way for whoever in the company deals with fleet management issues – such as fleet managers, company directors or a member of the senior management team – to enhance their time management.
“Very often, drivers call asking questions such as ‘where do I go to replace a tyre? The car needs a service – where do I book it in? I’ve had an accident, what do I do now?’ With this App, the driver can find the answer to their questions, creating fleet efficiencies.”
Companies that make use of CBVC Vehicle Management’s multi-bid vehicle acquisition arrangements also benefit from organisational efficiencies as well as cost-saving vehicle acquisition improvements.
The multi-bid approach offers up to a panel of funders a vehicle that’s required for the best price. The funder with the best leasing rental on the day wins the contract, often saving up to £20 per month on the rental.
Manners added: “Multi-bid means fleets have a number of funders underwriting the lease contracts on their vehicles. The Driver App ensures that only the details of a driver’s particular car funder’s services are displayed on the smartphone dashboard.
“Our Driver App really is fleet management in the driver’s pocket. All the administration associated with that vehicle is on the App’s dashboard along with the funder’s emergency contact numbers. Companies that use our system benefit from the cost savings of our multi-bid Approach as well as the organisational efficiencies of streamlined fleet management.”
The Driver App also helps the business manage its duty of care responsibilities to the driver by ensuring various vehicle checks are carried out and by providing a time-stamped audit trail.
This can range from visual inspections and issues noted by the driver photographed and then uploaded for further inspection and possible remedial action, to detailed daily checks required for commercial vehicle fleets.
Beyond the audit trail, these checks also lead to greater vehicle uptime (spotting problems in advance and taking remedial action), avoidance of penalty fines (illegal tyre wear for example), and reduced maintenance costs.
Manners said: “It’s quite remarkable that such a smartphone App can be so powerful in the management of a company fleet. Greater efficiency, reduced costs and smoother fleet operations all flow from using such tools as our Driver App, with the cost from as little as 7p per vehicle per day. For all companies considering how to manage their fleets better, I would encourage them to consider such simple but effective tools such as the CBVC Driver App.”

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