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True or false: A scam email found last week seeks to obtain drivers' details and create illegal documents



Drivers have been targetted with a bogus email requesting verification of details held on the DVLA Swansea database.

The scam phishing email purports that the DVLA is updating its database and warns that refusing to supply the information would result in having to take a new driving test.

It includes a link which opens up a fake DVLA form and once completed the scammers have all the details they need to create false identities, help apply for passports and access bank accounts and credit cards.

In such situations the driver supplying the details is likely to find they have great difficulties when they subsequently try to obtain legal documents or financial services because the data will have been identified as possible criminal activity.

A spokesman for the DVLA said today that under no circumstances should a driver complete this scam-link.

“We never request such information in an email,” said the spokesman. “There are some telltale signs it is a phishing email because of spelling errors and hovering your mouse over the link in the email but not clicking on it will reveal a completely different address to the DVLA and Directgov .”

The spokesman added the phishing email had been identified last week but it is not known where it has come from, how recipients were selected or how many might have received it.

The DVLA advice to anyone who gets the email asking for their details is to delete it.


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