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RENEWABLE electricity provider E.ON is setting up its employees to drive an electric vehicle through its new salary sacrifice scheme.

E.ON’s company car provision went all electric in 2019, and the salary sacrifice scheme now enables non-company car drivers to access an EV too. E.ON and Lex Autolease worked together on developing this new employee proposition, which is the first EV-only salary sacrifice scheme provided by Lex Autolease.

It offers a broad choice of EVs to suit different budgets and as a salary sacrifice scheme, colleagues benefit from reduced Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, making EVs more affordable for them. Employees can lease up to two EVs, meaning they can take out a second car for a family member.

Meryem Brassington, Electrification Proposition Lead at Lex Autolease, said: “While salary sacrifice schemes are nothing new, we’ve adapted them to reflect changing customer behaviour and demand for more sustainable vehicle options. Offering only EVs through a salary sacrifice scheme is a great way, alongside existing government initiatives, to encourage drivers to transition to electric.

“E.ON employees can now benefit from the discounts we’re able to negotiate with car manufacturers as well as through savings in tax, National Insurance and benefit in kind tax for EVs.”

To complement the scheme and ensure employees are always ready to go, E.ON has also  introduced the option for purchase of a home charging point through its e-mobility business unit, E.ON Drive, as an additional salary sacrifice benefit.

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