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The Tesla Model X, an SUV style estate, is due to appear in the UK late in 2014

THE electric car maker Tesla– famed for the startling performance of its all-electric Roadster – is planning an assault on the compact executive saloon company car market.

Tesla says its next generation of electric cars will be 3 Series sized.


Here’s the glitzy Model S sports saloon with its likely market in the background

This follows the launch of the Tesla Model S, a four-door sports saloon with hatchback versatility and seven seat capabilitiy, that can sprint to 60mph in 4.2 seconds but has a range of 300 miles.

Tesla will follow the Model S with production of the Model X – an SUV style estate car that starts production in 2014 and is slated to appear in the UK late 2014/early 2015.

A key feature of the Model X are the doors which open upwards – Tesla calls them ‘Falcon wing doors’ – for easy access to the interior.

“Our strategy has been to enter the market from the top with the Generation 2 Model S and then increase our volume and reach with a Generation 3 car that will be 3 Series sized,” confirmed Davide Ghione, EU fleet sales manager, Tesla.

Hand in hand with the Tesla business car presence in the SME company car market is the roll out of ‘supercharging’ stations, where owners can recharge in 20 minutes to provide a 150 mile charge. For free and for life.

Starting 2014, these supercharging stations will be rolled out along key motorway corridors, such as London to Cardiff and London to Manchester, and will be spaced every 150 miles.

before long you will be able to drive from England to Spain for free using our supercharging stations

“We have more extensive corridors in Europe,” confirmed Ghione, “but before long you will be able to drive from England to Spain for free using our supercharging stations.”

Prices for the Tesla Model S start from £49,900, including government grant.

Recently Tesla opened the new London Store Tesla in the Westfield Shopping Centre in west London.


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