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EUROPCAR Mobility Group has launched the “Together” programme to support workers in emergency service sectors in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

As part of the programme, the Group will also work in partnership with retailers and other businesses, offering a rental service of light commercial vehicles with drivers.

This is designed to help meet the increased demand for logistics and delivery services in countries under lockdown or with stringent social-distancing measures.

All vehicles undergo new cleaning protocols between rentals using chemical sanitiser to protect the safety of customers and employees.

In the UK, as part of the “Together” programme, Europcar Mobility Group will make thousands of vehicles available from £5 per day to Emergency services staff including NHS workers, armed forces, police, paramedics, ambulance workers, fire services, social care workers and those working in education and childcare.

This programme will be rolled out across Europe, as well as in other countries around the world where Europcar Mobility Group operates with its own subsidiaries.

Emergency services staff who require the use of a vehicle under the “Together” programme can book directly by visiting, by visiting their local rental station or calling our call centre.

With logistical and delivery services facing unprecedented demand, Europcar Mobility Group will also work in partnership with selected retailers, to provide vans and light commercial vehicles with drivers.

Any vehicle driven under this scheme will be subject to rigorous cleaning measures after each rental, as well as a ‘zero contact’ policy with Europcar Mobility Group employees in stations. The same stringent policy applies to rentals of any kind across the Group, until further notice.

Gary Smith, Managing Director, Europcar Mobility Group UK, said: “We are proud that through our Together programme, our rental vehicles are enabling essential services to continue operating across the country; delivering drugs and medicine to pharmacies, medical supplies to hospitals and helping emergency services staff to get to work safely.”

Chairwoman Caroline Parot added: “As a mobility service company, our Group has a 70-year tradition of service to the public and to local and international companies.

“Throughout this period, we will do everything in our power to pursue this mission and contribute to the solution that will enable us to emerge from this unprecedented crisis. Many economic players hold part of the solution: we are convinced that it is only by working together that we will be able to provide responses that are adapted to the circumstances and in the general interest.”