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Fiat 500 TwinAir Pop business car road test report

Fiat 500 TwinAir Pop business car road test report

Fiat 500 TwinAir Pop

What is it?

THE world’s most eco-friendly engine – so claims Fiat. Just like the original Fifties 500, the latest version of the Fiat 500 is now available with a two-cylinder unit, called TwinAir. Packing 875cc and promising 95g/km and 68.9mpg economy, is it the ideal city car for business drivers? We tested the entry-level Pop-trimmed version, which costs £10,865.

What’s hot?

  • Turn the key and give it a rev and it sounds like the original 500…
  • …mixed with a super-smooth motorbike!
  • Thanks to clever variable valve timing and a turbo it kicks out 86PS
  • And 145Nm of torque from 1,900rpm…
  • …so it feels nippy in town and keeps up on the motorway
  • Stop-start comes as standard; it works smoothly
  • Low emissions mean TwinAir is congestion charge and road tax-free
  • The benefit in kind company car tax rating is just 10%
  • And the Fiat 500 Twin Air also qualifies for 100% first year WDA
  • Chassis is agile
  • Cheeky looks inside and out are still very appealing

What’s not?

  • The gearbox has widely spaced ratios so you have to rev it a lot…
  • …which impacts on real-world economy. We averaged only 40mpg
  • If you want real driving fun, go for a MINI
  • The driving position means tall drivers sit quite high
  • The ride can be quite bouncy over rough roads

What you need to Know?

P11D Value: 10,810
Monthly Rental*: 156 (CH)/£187 (PCH)
Tax Band when posted: 10%, 10%, 10%
Monthly BiK: Click link for BIK
Engine: 0.9 2cyl petrol turbo
CO2 Emissions: 95g/km
Power/torque: 86PS/145Nm
Economy: 68.9mpg

Business Car Manager Road Test Rating

With its cheerful motorbike-style engine note, this is a Fiat 500 that’s even easier to love than usual. However, because you have to rev the little engine a lot to keep up with traffic, there are question marks over the TwinAir’s real-world economy. That said, the tax benefits are crystal clear – both from the driver’s company car tax perspective and the business car purchase viewpoint – and along with residuals that are likely to be very strong, businesses are sure to fall for the charms of this chic city car.

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