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Fleets open to new brands with the right credentials

More than seven out of 10 fleets are open to introducing manufacturers which are new to the UK to their choice lists, research shows. 
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16 May 2024

More than seven out of 10 fleets are open to introducing manufacturers which are new to the UK to their choice lists, research shows.

One in four (25%) of those surveyed say they are already offering these new market entrants to their drivers, while almost as many (23%) are considering doing the same.

Also, a further 21% would be willing to operate vehicles from these manufacturers once they become more established.

The conclusions, drawn from a survey of 8605 businesses in 30 countries by vehicle leasing specialist Arval Mobility Observatory, comes as the UK automotive environment undergoes its most major transformation in many years, with a host of new brands arriving on the market particularly from China.

At the 2024 Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) annual conference held at the British Motor Museum on 15th May, new to the UK brands BYD and Omoda/Jaecoo described their entry into the market. 

BYD, still relatively unknown to the British market but one of the largest manufacturers of electric cars in the world having in 2023 produced its six-millionth plug-in vehicle, celebrated a year in the UK at the conference, during which time it has already launched three models and established a 31-strong dealer network – this is expected to grow to 80 outlets by the end of 2024.

Geely-owned Omoda will launch its first model in June and at the same time open 61 sales and service centres. Both brands emphasised to the conference that their presence on the UK market is no short-term project.

Commenting on the survey findings Shaun Sadlier, Head of Arval Mobility Observatory in the UK, said that the electric vehicle (EV) revolution on fleets and post-pandemic production shortages have already produced quite substantial changes in which manufacturers businesses are willing to add to their choice lists. “Car and van makers with strong BEV propositions and shorter waiting times have dramatically increased their presence in the last few years,” he added.

“Electrification could bring further changes – a large number of manufacturers new to the UK are entering the car market, mainly from Asian countries but also from the US and elsewhere, and our responses suggest fleets are taking them seriously.

“In total, 69% are open to the idea of adding these new entrants to these choice lists either now or in the medium term. That shows a very high degree of potential acceptance.”

According to Sadler electrification appears to be redrawing which manufacturers have the potential to become major players in the fleet sector in the coming years.

“The door appears to be very much open for newer entrants to make their mark if they are able to provide the kind of high quality, attractive vehicles with strong running cost profiles that the fleet sector demands.

“However, it is also clear that well-established manufacturers are determined to stay relevant in the company car sector, with many offering impressive product choices and moving rapidly away from traditional ICE technology. It’s promises to be an interesting few years ahead.”

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Andrew Charman

Andrew Charman

Andrew Charman has been a motoring journalist for more than 30 years, writing about vehicles, technology and the industry. He is a Guild of Motoring Writers committee member and has won several awards including for his business coverage.

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