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WITH the countdown now on until the ban of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030, a survey by BP has found that fleet managers and drivers are positive about the switch to EVs.

In many cases, the switch is already being made with 39% of fleet managers and 28% of fleet drivers having purchased an EV for themselves while more than 50% believe that EVs are the right thing to do for the environment.  

Despite the enthusiasm, fleet managers and fleet drivers share many of the same concerns about switching, with charging infrastructure (and perceived lack of) remaining a key concern for both groups.  A significant 54% of fleet managers and 61% of fleet drivers’ main concern is inadequate public charging.  

 Over a third of fleet managers (37%) and nearly a third of fleet drivers (31%) don’t anticipate switching for another three to four years.  One of the main reasons for this delay is driven by 62% of fleet drivers still worrying about running out of charge on the road, whilst 50% of fleet managers’ main concern is providing adequate at home charging solutions for their drivers.  

 Covid-19 has also had a part to play in delaying the switch, with 38% of fleet managers who aren’t planning to switch within the next two years blaming the global pandemic as their main hold up.   

 Many fleets, however, said they don’t believe that the government’s plans for the 2030 ban will be seen through, suggesting a lack of confidence in the UK’s preparations for an electric future.  


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